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IMAX Port Vell Barcelona - Barcelona Home

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona

This amazing 3D cinema is known as the IMAX Port Vell, located close to the center of the city. This enables films to be shown on a massive screen allowing the viewers to get completely engrossed with excitement of what is being displayed. Don’t wait to live this amazing experience !

This cinema is allegedly the first IMAX integral movie theater in the world, therefore, IMAX at Port Vell gives you the benefit to enjoy three different kinds of projections, depending on your choice as each of them has been allocated to a different system.

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona - Barcelona Home

History of the IMAX

This cinema was the first IMAX Integral in the world! It has three kinds of IMAX technology:

  • IMAX System: with an area of 600 m2, and a flat screen of 21 meters high. It is the largest screen in the world.
  • IMAX 3D System: uses the same screen as the IMAX System. However, it is necessary to use polarized glasses.
  • Omnimax System: this is a semi-circular screen in the shape of a dome with colossal dimensions. The spectator is surrounded by the gigantic screen.

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona - Barcelona Home

The venue

Firstly, you will be astonished by its elliptical shaped studio which consists of over 416 seats that steadily balances on a steep slope. Thus, this is really comfortable and fits the needs of every individual. Besides, it doesn’t have anything blocking the view from watching one of the best experiences of your life. The Omnimax technology delivers an amazing sensation, maximizing the viewers exciting experience.

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona - Barcelona Home

The frame

The IMAX frame is larger than the 35mm that is used for regular cinemas and theaters for an average screen showing. Therefore, it is three times larger than the standard 70mm. The size used for this IMAX screen is 600 m2 with a 21 meter high flat screen.

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona - Barcelona Home

The sound

The sound reinforces being part of the whole IMAX experience. Indeed, this IMAX in Port Vell uses the most up to date digital quality and high technology to offer the best experience for all. So, the speakers are placed at the front and back sides reaching over 27.000 vats.

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona - Barcelona Home

The IMAX is situated beside the Barcelona Aquarium, therefore, if any of you are here in Barcelona on holiday, work, vacation or a long stay please be sure to visit the IMAX in Port Vell. This will certainly brighten your day and you could consider it as the most powerful and overwhelming breathtaking experience.

The place: Port Vell

Port Vell begins where the Ramblas of Barcelona ends, known as an emblem since 1886 for the monument to Columbus. The top of the column stands at 50 meters high, which is indeed a viewpoint. It allows you to enjoy the view of the port and the famous promenade. On one side, the Drassanes Reials (shipyards), date back to the 14th century. Here you have the possibility of visiting the Museu Marítim de Barcelona, while if we get closer to the sea, we can see at the Portal de la Pau an original historical sailing ship, as well as the Pailebot Santa Eulàlia, dating back from 1918. It is from here that the traditional boats of the Port Vell, the famous “Golondrinas“, depart.

IMAX Port Vell Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Here, the Rambla de Mar leads to a large shopping center, Maremagnum. And, on the other side to the Aquàrium of Barcelona. Art gives color to the Moll de la Fusta in the form of a highly visible sculpture by the North American pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein. Also, the building of the old general stores of commerce reminisces the merchant past of the area. Besides, known as the Palau de Mar, the building houses one of Barcelona’s most interesting museums, the Museu d’Història de Catalunya.

How to get there

The Port Vell is the historic port of Barcelona. It separates the Gothic Quarter from La Barceloneta. Thus, you can get there either by La Rambla or by Via Laietana.

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