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Poblenou in Sant Martí, Barcelona

Poblenou in Sant Martí, Barcelona

Poblenou, Barcelona is a neighborhood situated in the district of Sant Martí along the beach, further up from Parc de la Ciutadella. It is a region steeped in history and is a lively area to walk through.

The name “Poblenou” means “New Village” in Catalan. The area has a long industrial past and has therefore been known as Catalan Manchester. At the end of the 19th century, the area of Poblenou had many factories and textile mills. The remnants of industry can still be seen today through the tall chimneys and water tower still standing. In more recent years, the area has been reinvented as part of the [email protected] Plan. The idea behind the plan was said to have coincided with the 1992 Olympics held in Barcelona. The plan has helped to rebrand and regenerate the area of Poblenou. It is now regarded as an up-and-coming area and a new hub of economic activity, design studios and housing. In this neighborhood you will experience a perfect blend of tradition and modernity.

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What to see in Poblenou

Many notable landmarks of Barcelona are situated in Poblenou. These include Jean Nouvel’s Torre Agbar, Herzog & de Meuron’s Forum Building (Edificio Fórum), an architectural landmark in a triangular shape also known as Museu Blau, the avant-garde Media-Tic Building that was triggered by [email protected] Barcelona project, and the 31-story ME Barcelona Hotel (former Habitat Sky Hotel). The other great feature of this area is that it is full of natural green spaces. The vast Cementiri de Poblenou, the Parc Central del Poblenou, the beachfront Parc del Poblenou and all the other small gardens you can easily find on the map make this a truly green part of the metropolis of Barcelona. Parc del Centre Poblenou was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel and is a colorful sanctuary set amongst the buildings. The main thoroughfare of the neighborhood is La Rambla del Poblenou, a great pedestrian street to stroll along, one lined with local bars, restaurants and shops. In addition to the contemporary architecture there are also many modernist buildings located in the neighbourhood. Ancient industrial factories, modernist architecture and modern skyscrapers from urban renewal plans are juxtaposed in this dynamic and eclectic neighborhood, where you can see two centuries of Barcelona´s history melting into one.

Where to eat in Poblenou

On the 24th floor of the Meliá Barcelona Sky Hotel, brothers Javier and Sergio offer creative cuisines at their restaurant called Dos Cielos, known for its high quality and one Michelin star. This restaurant boasts spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains and Barcelona city. In the coastal district of Poblenou, Cala Blanca (Carrer de Doctor Trueta, 211) specializes in Mediterranean seafood which is seasonal, traditional, and always makes you feel at home. In one of the most innovative areas of [email protected] Barcelona, you have Carrot Cafe, a restaurant where sandwich-making is considered an art form. In a cozy and pleasant atmosphere, you can nosh on a fresh sandwich or delight in a piece of delicious cake. Poblenou always welcomes new members to join its dynamic dining scene. La Orquídea has earned itself a very good reputation with fresh and delectable Mexican-Venezuelan food and inventive cocktails. How about grabbing one of their unique drinks before or after dinner? El Tiramisú Martini, el Limoncellotini, el Caipisake, el Manhattan or el Electric Ace Tea are all recommended options. Do you want something simple and tasty? Then Muns is the perfect place for you. Muns specializes in small empanadas, also called “Muns”. With the freshest ingredients and exotic spices, their special flavors will explode in your mouth.

The Poblenou area is a lovely and welcome break from the busy city centre. This is why many visitors choose to stay here whilst vacationing in Barcelona. Poblenou offers a more tranquil setting but still with lots to see and do. It is also conveniently home to the several beaches and boasts great public transportation connections if you wish to explore the rest of the city.


Metro: L4 (Poblenou)

Tram: T4

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