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Where Are Top Places You Should Stop At In Barcelona?

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona but don’t seem to know places to visit? Then, your first call should be Teatre Gree, La Piadina, or Antic Teatre.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe for many reasons. The first is that there are many hidden spots in the city that even locals don’t know exist. Every year for the past decade, Barcelona has been ranked among the top ten most visited European cities. Thus, it is safe to conclude that there are amazing things to do and breathtaking places to visit in the city.

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, you would be pleased to know that many Barcelonans are also. That means you can go ahead and buy Bitcoin with credit card to hold with you as you visit Barcelona. You can rest assured that you will find at least one place where you can spend your cryptocurrency. In this Barcelona guide, you will find some of the best places to visit that even the locals know little to nothing about.

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  • Teatre Grec

Teatre Grec is a century-old Greek theater located on Montjuiïc hill; if you didn’t know about this place, you’d be forgiven. The theater has older counterparts dotted across Europe; if you are familiar with these, you have a good idea of Teater Gree.

It is a grand spot and one of the best visited, especially when there is an event held like the Festival Grec de Barcelona. Nevertheless, even if no event is going on, Teater Grec is still an iconic place to visit.


  • Refugi 307

There was an attack on Barcelona in the late 1930s, between ’36 and ’39, during which a labyrinth of tunnels was built. Most of these tunnels are closed, but some are still open and worth visiting, one of which is Refugi 307.

Located in the El Poble-sec area of Barcelona, this place is one of the unpopular but remarkable places to visit in the city. You get a chance to associate with its 2,000 inhabitants as well as Barcelona’s history.


  • Horta Labyrinth

One of the spots that even locals are surprised to find exist in Barcelona is Horta Labyrinth. It is a beautiful green maze where you could spend hours strolling and losing yourself in.

The green garden is worth seeing in itself, but that’s not all that makes this place special. Horta Labyrinth is a centuries-old grand garden; there is an irreplaceable feeling that comes with being in centuries-old places.

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  • Antic Teatre

When you have explored Barcelona and are tired, you can let off some steam at Antic Teatre. This location is a smack in Barcelona center; it is a somewhat social space and very easy to locate.

Antic Teatre is more like a bar where you can get relatively cheap drinks and hang out with the locals. If you want to know more about the city, this is one of the best places in Barcelona to go.


  • Carmel Bunkers

Contrary to what the name implies, Carmel Bunkers is not a bunker; it is an unusual place in the city worth visiting. Carmel Bunkers was used for anti-aircraft guns during the Spanish wars, so it holds an insight into Barcelona’s history.

Perhaps the reason many don’t know about the place is because it used to be a somewhat abandoned area in the city. However, the people living there have revamped the place and made it one of the best views in the city.

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  • La Piadina

The La Piadina restaurant is one of the best restaurants to go to if you ever visit Barcelona. The restaurant is renowned for its delicious cuisine as well as genuine and fresh Italian ingredients.

It is also one of the places in Barcelona that is taking advantage of the wealth of the cryptocurrency market. If you are a crypto enthusiast, this is one place where you can spend your coin freely.


  • Mossèn Costa i Llobera

Mossèn Costa i Llobera is a cactus garden worth visiting whether you love agriculture or not. Many tourists don’t know Barcelona has a cactus garden or that it spans over six hectares of land.

While the real lure is the cactus garden, with over eight hundred species, there are many other plants to check out. If you want some time off the busy city crowds without compromising on a gorgeous view, this garden is your answer.


  • Church of Saint Philip

The Church of Saint Philip had been a vital part of Barcelona’s history for many centuries. However, the Spanish Dictator’s armed forces bombed the church several times during the Spanish civil war in 1938.

Centuries after, the scars of the bombing are still visible on the exterior walls of the church. Nevertheless, this church stood still and has been standing since, and it is one of the must-visit places in Barcelona.

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There is certainly no dearth of where to go in Barcelona, whether it is for sightseeing or relaxation. Barcelona is a popular city, which makes it even more surprising that there are places not everyone knows about. Meanwhile, there are still many places we did not list here and that aren’t even listed in guide books yet. These unpopular yet iconic places in Barcelona will make the time spent visiting the city a time well-spent.


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