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Sant Marti Barcelona

The area of Sant Marti Barcelona is split up into 10 smaller neighbourhoods with each one as diverse as the next. However, they all share a common industrial past and now after new renovations, a prosperous future.

The area was previously known as the Catalan Manchester due to its heavy industry. It has recently, however, undergone a huge makeover. In many ways the 1992 Olympic Games were the catalyst for change in this area. In 2001, [email protected] was a plan developed by the city council to transform the area into the 21st century. It aimed at attracting technological and innovative industries. Today Sant Marti Barcelona is once again a thriving area and a hive of activity.

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There are many sights to see here such as Torre Agbar and the 2 huge shopping centres Les Glories and Diagonal Mar. Sant Marti Barcelona also has many open green spaces to relax on a sunny day. As well as this you are never too far away from the beach perfect for a spot of sunbathing. The area also boasts a great nightlife, and is home to the very popular Razzmatazz. Along the beach you can find plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy.


Sant Marti Barcelona is further out of the centre which means it is quieter and less tourists. Even though it is further out of the centre, Barcelona transport system is well-connected. Therefore you can easily get to the centre within half an hour. This mean that if you decide to stay in Sant Marti Barcelona it can be a great base for sightseeing. There are many transport connections which include the metro (L4), buses and a tram network as well.

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