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The best cocktail bars in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Best Cocktail Bars in Barcelona

The revolution of the cocktails! The best cocktails bars in Barcelona

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a wide variety of choices that make up Barcelona’s nightlife. Promoters wait like hawks along Las Ramblas to entice you, promising free shots in the club. This will often end up being a tourist-filled place with high priced drinks. So, where should you go when you are looking for more than just a good drink? Recently, it has been hit by a wave of cocktails bars in Barcelona, that not only have an ideal setting, but also give you a taste of true mixology. Most of these bars are equipped with bartenders who are recognised throughout Europe and beyond.

The best cocktails bars in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

With its vibrant nightlife and great dining culture, it’s no surprise that Barcelona is also one of the cocktails capitals of Europe. Although a nice sangria on the beach or a frosty Moritz on a sunny plaza certainly hits the spot, there is nothing quite like an expertly made Gin Tonic or Negroni to hit the spot after a long day at work. We have assembled a list of the 3 Best Cocktails Bars in Barcelona, each of them known for craft mixology and a unique style sure to provide you and your date with an unforgettable experience.


This place is the best for a quiet drink, when you want to chat with your friends. The 1920s Underground Bar is known for being a warm and welcoming. The drinks are very original, you will never have seen cocktails prepared with such finesse. They also offer workshops in cocktail making and whiskey tasting! Collage is nestled in one of the smaller streets of El Born, it’s hard to find a more local bar than this one.

The best cocktails bars in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Opening Hours: Saturday & Sunday from 12:00 – 17:00
Address: Carrer dels Consellers, 4, 08003, Barcelona


This bar is very popular in the neighbourhood of El Born. The staff are very friendly, they do not only know how to shake a good drink; but they also know how to do the animation that will surely make you a good evening to you and your friends. The concept of this bar is in itself original, since it is a cocktails bar in Barcelona; however they not only serve cocktails, but also the best crepes in the city until 22h. The decor holds a slight “Tiki” vibe with Hawaiian shirts hanging from the ceiling. That too can be bought by customers during the evening. Bartenders dance with customers, juggle bottles and spit fire to create a wild atmosphere. A must stop among all the good nights in Barcelona!

The best cocktails bars in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 17:00-21:30 & Weekends from 13:00-21:30
Address: Passeig del Born, 12, 08003, Barcelona


Although the place is small, it extends a warm atmosphere where you will feel at home. This Old Fashioned is aptly named, as the staff is elegantly dressed, creating a sense of time. Their specialty is the Gin Tonic; but they also serve a wide selection of original cocktails; which includes the Spicy Mai Tai, which will definitely warm you up during your evening. You can also ask the staff to make up a drink for you when you feel inspired. A fun ride that will impress you! To book your accommodation nearby, take a look at our Apartments in Gràcia.

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Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday from 17:00-21:30
Address: Carrer de Santa Teresa, 1, 08012, Barcelona


Boca Chica does not only offer the best cocktails in the city; but is also known as one of the most trendy and elegant places of Barcelona. The famous bartender Sergio Padilla will dazzle you with a selection of signature cocktails or you will be courting with your favourite classics. In the heart of Eixample place is decorated with a perfect balance of eccentricity and a chic sense thanks to the mixture of glass walls and wood. A few nights you will even find a Dj in the toilet. This is undeniably one of the places in Barcelona to “see and be seen”!

Opening Hours: Every day from 13:00-17:00
Address: Passatge de la Concepció, 12, 08008, Barcelona

Once you’ve had the chance to try some of our best cocktails bars in Barcelona, let us know what you thought in the comments below! We would also love to hear any of your recommendations. If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, for instance, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our website for any accommodations!

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