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8 Most Important Things You Need To Know Before Moving To Barcelona

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Have you finally decided to pursue your dream to mine in Barcelona? Barcelona is a beautiful city in Spain full of Art, History and Culture. There are many advantages of moving to a city like Barcelona including the amazing medical facilities, tourist attractions, architecture, parks and other recreational activities for kids of all ages, and above all safe and secure neighborhoods.

Barcelona is also one of the best and convenient places to move because of its amazing architecture. It is the main destination of many tourists across the world so you are sure to find people of all languages and cultures over there. This will take away your feeling of being away from home and you will start considering Barcelona as your home in no time. Also, if you are a football fan, then it’s a plus point as Barcelona has a renowned formal team

However, those who are deciding on moving to Barcelona should consider all the following factors below making their final decision about whether moving to Barcelona benefits outweigh the disadvantages or not?


Why should you move to Barcelona?

  1. Culture, Heritage, Art and Life: Moving to Barcelona seems like a dream for those who are interested in learning about various forms of arts and culture as the city is famous for its rich heritage. The life and the activities it offers is what attracts the tourists to this place. Hence, if you are someone who would enjoy architecture then Barcelona is the right place for you.
  2. Neighborhoods: Choosing the right neighborhood is going to affect quality of life in Barcelona. There are neighborhoods which are extremely busy with all the multicultural settings like El Raval while there are some calm neighborhoods with only houses and no commercial activities. Where you live depends on your preference as living in your area of choice is going to provide you with the experience you are looking for. Also, you need to keep your budget in mind while choosing the area because some are modern built streets with high rent while others have considerably lower rent.
  3. Internet and other facilities: The internet and other facilities are top notch in Barcelona. They provide easy access to telephone and internet with excellent networks. Additionally, you can use a VPN if you are planning to protect your privacy and location. There are many VPNs easily available, one of the most recommended ones is VeePN, which is renowned for its service. Among the many Canada VPN, this one is widely used. They offer a VPN free trial which can then be purchased later for a nominal fee. The VPN for app can easily be used on all of your devices like laptops, smart phones, and any other gadget.
  4. Transport Networks: Transportation is one of the key components to look for when choosing the area to move into. A good transport network is a requirement to ensure that you can reach your workplace or anywhere else you want to frequently go to easily.
  5. Noisy city: While there are few calm neighborhoods in Barcelona, the majority of the city is full of hustle bustle. So, if you are planning to move there, you should be the one who enjoys living in metropolitan cities among all the noise.
  6. Meet new people, explore new hobbies: Barcelona is one place where you can find an answer to every hobby you can think of. There are people from almost every culture visiting there, and from street art to cooking is all offered by that city. Make sure you explore all your interests and create new hobbies while living there and it will become an experience like no other.
  7. Healthcare in Barcelona: The healthcare system in Spain is excellent and also affordable to the majority of the people residing there. The public health system is offered to everyone regardless of their status (different in very limited cases). You can also choose a private insurance plan along with availing public health care offered, to secure an excellent healthcare plan.
  8. Schooling System: Barcelona offers an excellent education system at reasonable prices with both British and American Curriculum which you can choose according to your preference.



 Final Thoughts

Moving cities is a tiresome task which requires an immense amount of planning and research. Similarly, like any other city moving to Barcelona is also difficult yet exciting. We hope our article has helped you in understanding the factors which you need to consider before moving to Barcelona. The city has a lot to offer in terms of art, shopping, culture and nightlife and we can assure you that you are going to love living there. Good luck!


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