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Day trips from Barcelona: exploring the surrounding region

MD: Barcelona is unquestionably one of the most interesting cities in Europe. With its own culture, spectacular architecture, and active city life, the Catalan capital has a lot to offer. But Barcelona also has a rich surrounding area that is ideal for day getaways. In this blog post, we will discuss the greatest day excursions from Barcelona, which include Girona, Penedès, Montserrat, Sitges, and Tarragona.


Day trips from Barcelona: exploring the surrounding region

Barcelona is known for its wonderful edifices and history and is well-recognized as the home of green valleys and contemporary architecture. The city of Barcelona includes many good sites and attractions, but admittedly, Barcelona could be ideal for any outing to the regional surroundings which are considerably diverse and interesting. At fairgrounds on the coastal line or on a day tour to spot the high mountains, you can appreciate the special charm of Catalonia by looking inside and its cultural individual stories.

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Montserrat: A Spiritual and Natural Retreat

When along the coastline of Barcelona to find themselves in only 40 minutes at the bank, one involuntarily thinks about a miracle as rock formations and a monastery that is built on the peak of the mountain are all there. Nowadays, the abbey receives many Catholic pilgrimage visitors. This is caused by the incredible nature of the area. The visitors may ride on a cable car and a funicular railway to get up to the monastery then enjoy the hike on the winding tracks and view the wild and rocky surroundings. If you get Spanish virtual SIM card for iPhone you can book a trip in advance and not worry about anything.

Sitges: Sun, Sea, and Serenity

Sitges – a nice town right on the Spanish coast, famous for its wonderful beaches, great party life, and colorful cultural past. Sitges, a seemingly perfect place is a mere train journey away and gives this subdued atmosphere compared to the alacrity of Barcelona. It should also be added that the town’s historic quarter where you can go along the one-hundred-years-old narrow avenues and whitewashed buildings will delight whoever comes to visit it. With museums and art galleries at almost every corner of the town, Sitges City has almost all it takes in terms of culture to comfortably make it to any tourist’s bucket list. So, use your eSIM mobile card from the Yesim app service, contact your friends, and ask them to share this incredible experience with you. 

Girona: A Journey Through History

With its well-preserved medieval ornamentation and meandering ramps, Girona is a city immersed in history and distinctiveness. About an hour’s drive from Barcelona, Girona could tell you the tale of Catalonia’s past with its winding city walls, Gothic cathedral, and Jewish Quarter. Houses colored in different hues line up along the Onyar River to form the golden tourist spot, meanwhile, the city food is characterized as the finest food in Spain. Besides last-minute tourists eager to be photographed with the characters from Game of Thrones, the medieval Girona city is also known for its yearly Flower Festival, a colorful and fragrant spring bloom that covers the whole city. If you have a virtual SIM card, you may always take pictures and send them to your pals. 

Costa Brava: Beaches and Beyond

Costa Brava of Catalonia, stretching along its northeastern coast, is a perfect place for people who love to spend holidays outside, and especially for beach-minded persons. You can find landing places of exotic beauty and rocky shores monitored by police, but there are also many popular resorts where boredom will never touch you. The villages of Tossa de Mar, Cadaqués, and Begur, which radiate a special beauty, both of their beaches and the historic sites, and the choices of numerous seafood restaurants there, only entice you to forget about anything else in the world. An eSIM card is recommended for easy access to this location. As a result, you should have no trouble getting about.

Wine Tasting in Penedès

For wine lovers, the visit to Penedès vineyards is absolutely a must. Only a stone’s throw from Barcelona, Penedès is especially famed for Cava, which is the sparkling wine that is analogous to champagne. The guests can go to local wineries, find out about the winemaking process, and taste a collection of wines with native Catalan dishes. The shining vineyards combined with the beautiful bust of Montserrat make Penedès an attractive and pleasant place to taste wine.

Tarragona: Roman Ruins and Mediterranean Charm

Tarragona, a historical city that is next to the beach, inspires a mixed response because of the amazing combination of Roman artifacts and modern surroundings. Right next to the city of Barcelona and only 30 minutes by train, Tarragona is an excellent alternative for those who want to see well-preserved Roman amphitheaters and aqueducts that will make the historical connection deeper. The Waterfront of the town is an ideal exhibition of the vividness of the community through the passageway, beach of sand, and active markets. It manifests the beauty that almost all can relate to. 


The Barcelona day trips are a combination of different daily excursions that refer to the region at its best: from the sea to the highest mountain peaks. Whether you are adventurous and love the philosophy in the mountains of Montserrat, peace with yourself at the beach of Sitges, or sticking with the history in Girona and Tarragona, in the closest region you can find everything of your type of traveler. Other than wine tasting in Penedes together with exploring the remains of Roman buildings beside the sea, any day trip will take a not too long time to get to the center of city Barcelona famous for its crazy party lives. Don’t forget to pack a SIM card for travel so you can always stay connected and share your adventures with your loved ones.

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