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Experience making your own Cava in Barcelona

Are you a lover of bubbles and want to know more about the process of making sparkling wine? If you are in Barcelona and want to try something different and original, take the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting. In particular, you can visit one of the many wineries where the famous Cava (El Cava) is produced. Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine made using a traditional method. You can find out more about its production by visiting one of the many wineries!


Catalonia is famous for its vineyards and wine production. A few kilometers from BARCELONA there is the Penedès region where Cava is produced. Located between the coast and the mountains, the Penedès has the typical Mediterranean climate suitable for good ripening of the grapes. Since the region extends for several kilometers, the climate also varies. Therefore, the production of wine changes according to the climate of the areas that make up the territory. In fact, the area of Penedès in turn is divided into five zones, each with a different and unique climate: Valls d’Anoia Foix, Serra de Mar, Conca del Gaià, Serra de Prades and Pla de Ponent.

The secret that makes Cava famous all over the world lies in the production method. The process, in fact, takes place according to the traditional method of double fermentation. This, together with the quality of the grapes, the climate and the vienyards make it one of the most avant-garde and quality sparkling wines. Additionally, depending on the amount of added sugar, different types of Cava can be produced such as Brut Natur and Semi Seco.

In the region, there are many Cava wineries that offer GUIDED TOURS in which the production process of this sparkling wine is shown. Once you arrive at the vineyard, a guide awaits you and takes you on a tour during which you will be shown the various processes of production; from grape to wine. You will get to know the different types of Cava thanks to the wine tastings led by the experts.

This idea of the guided tour was launched in 2004 by two young entrepreneurs, both from families who produced wine. Their passion for the production of Cava and their enthusiasm in sharing it with the rest of the world, has resulted in the opportunity for tourists and locals to be able to make a personalized bottle of wine. In fact, in addition to enjoying the unique experience of the visit, you will have the opportunity to take home a bottle of this fine wine, which you can choose depending on the taste and color you prefer. All you have to do is choose through which WINERY you want the guided tour.

Finally, to make your visit more complete there is also a dedicated museum, the VINSEUM (The Museum of Wine Culture of Catalonia), where you can admire utensils, ancient and modern ceramics and learn all about the world of viticulture. All while sipping a glass of wine.
Take a break from the daily grind and explore the lovely and sparkly world of Cava!

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