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The Best Hiking Trails in Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

The Best Hiking Trails in Costa Brava

Catalunya’s beautiful Costa Brava region provides a huge variety of hiking options for any kind of trip; from long-distance to the short-distance routes, local paths and the hiking trails of “Itinerànnia“. It’s a great way to discover this area and to be removed from much of the summertime tourism this region gets hit with each year. Some useful advice before heading out for some hiking in the Costa Brava region:

  1. Find all of the information about the route you are going to take prior to the hike.
  2. Choose a route that corresponds to your level, and isn’t too difficult for you.
  3. Don’t forget to bring a map, and make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and provisions to undertake the chosen route.
  4. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast.

Find the route that will best match your abilities and your interests! Itinerànnia is a network of hiking paths composed of over 2.500 kilometers, linking the Ripollès, Garrotxa and Alt Emporia regions. These regions include 62 hiking paths for every difficulty (easy, medium, medium/high and high). All routes feature trail markings for your comfort; but if you want more specific information about the hiking paths, please check Itinerànnia website.

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Below you will find our favorite hiking trails in Costa Brava:

# 1 El Camino de Ronda 

This is perhaps the best way to discover the wonderful Costa Brava. The path, easily accessible and very well maintained, allows you to see all the small isolated coves along the coast. The route passes through luscious pines forests, beautiful villas, and spectacular beaches, and it even sometimes goes underground. South of the large bay of Palamós and of Calonge, the coast becomes wild and rocky. The place is guarded over by an old watchtower, the «Torre Valentina». It is at this point that the «Camino de Ronda» begins and it stretches until the Platja d’Arc.

Hiking Trails in Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

The path is just 10 to 20 meters above sea level, with spectacular views of the Mediterranean sea and the wild and unique coves where you can stop for a picnic or even a quick swim. The duration of the walk (to reach Cap Roig) is between 1hour and 1hour30.

Hiking Trails in Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

# 2 The Megaliths of Roses

This path begins on the road of Roses in Montjoi and continues on pavement to the dolmen of Creu d’en Cobertella, the tallest megalithic monument of Catalonia. The dolmen was declared a “Historical and Artistic Monument” in 1964. On this hike, you will come across relics of the past, such as a stone hut that once served as a shelter for shepherds, and a warehouse for the tools used in the vineyards of the region. Further along, you will find the ruins of the megaliths: first, the relics of the «casa cremada» (the burned home), with two of the most remarkable menhirs of the region.

Hiking Trails in Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

This route also provides a gorgeous panoramic view of the bay of Roses and the dry stone terraces. The duration of this hike is around 2h30, with a low difficulty level.

Hiking Trails in Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

# 3 Along the coast of Roses

This is the longest of the walks of Costa Brava that we recommend, one that takes approximately 5 hours. But it is for sure worth it! The trail brings you hiking along the seaside, beginning at Almadrava and continuing until Montjoi creek. It’s one of the best hiking options during the summertime, as you will have the opportunity to freshen up by swimming in the creeks or beaches along the way. Along this path you will come across Falconera Peak with its extensive network of tunnels and underground passages leading to the bunkers, relics from the army base that was once located here. This was actually a very strategical position due to the spectacular views of the bay of Roses. After this peak, you will find some charming coves that will for sure make you stop just to admire nature’s tranquility. The coves you are likely to see on this trail include El Lladó cove, Murtra cove and Rostella cove.

Hiking Trails in Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

The « El Camino de Ronda » trail begins at the end of this route, so for those strong enough to add an extra hour or hour and a half to their journey, we recommend doing so. Although Route 6 is one of the longest routes, it has a difficulty level of medium and, with enough time, it can be completed by most!

Hiking Trails in Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

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