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Peratallada – Costa Brava

Slightly further inland of the Costa Brava lies a beautiful, quaint town called Peratallada. The stone buildings covered in ivy make this place feel magical to an outsider. Narrow streets will guide you around this town, taking you to many of the landmarks, which make this medieval place so like a fairytale. The town is very small with less than 500 habitants, so expect to see it all in a day´s time!

History of Peratallada

Peratallada is derived from Pedra Tallada’ meaning carved stone, which is very appropriate due to the appearance of its buildings. The town is linked to medieval times and has an annual festival to take you back to the 10th century and experience what kinds of things once went on in this town. Come October the whole town smells, sounds and tastes like the medieval ages. Peratallada truly is one of the best-kept examples of a medieval township in all of Spain.


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In the centre of the town lies the castle, which is truly something spectacular. It has over 1000 years of history within its walls and in the underground passages beneath it. The site has recently been renovated and the gardens surrounding the castle have been modernised in a way that fits in perfectly with the surroundings. It is quite unusual that the church is built outside the main village here. Rumour has it that this is because the priest and lord of the castle had an argument! The Romanesque church is very attractive, with an entrance lined with trees to lead you in.



Activities in Peratallada

A day in Peratallada involves walking around this unique town and taking in the history and culture. There are many restaurants in which to taste authentic Spanish food and wine, along with excellent lookout points from which to take in spectacular views. There are also many galleries selling various types of artwork; if you just walk around the village you’re more than likely to stumble into one!

The beaches nearby are also very beautiful and perfect for an afternoon under the sun. Renting a car is the easiest way to get there, but a local bus runs too.

Peratallada is very close to a town called Pals, approximately 10km away. Pals is also a medieval town and its appearance is very similar to that of Peratallada. It was originally built up against a hill called Puig Aspre. Walking through the town it doesn’t feel like you’re half-way up that hill, but when you reach the top you arrive to a spectacular view, which goes for miles.

How to get there:

Peratallada is approximately 136km away from Barcelona. You can get here by:

-Train– Get a train to Girona, then swap train to Flassa and once more swap to Peratallada
Car– Remember Spanish roads have tolls! Keep a bit of spare change, most have card machines now however. Dirctions by car are as follows:
– Get on B-10 from Via Laietana, Carrer del Dr. Aiguader and Exit 22
– Take AP-7, C-35 and C-31 to C-66
Follow C-66, GI-644 and GI-651 to your destination in Peratallada

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