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Cycling in the Costa Brava

Hiring bikes in Spain is one of the most popular recreational activities for tourists. It is a great was to see the sights and to get around. With it being cheap, easily accessible and enjoyable, why wouldn’t you do it? If you are thinking about doing some cycling in Costa Brava, let us give you some tips on routes and some general information!

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Surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountains, Costa Brava is a very appealing place to rent a bike indeed. With 200km of cycle-friendly paths and roads, you are bound to see all of the region´s hidden gems in no time. You can take part in a cycle tour with a guide, an option that allows you to choose how far you want to go and at which pace. These tours are very popular for people unfamiliar with the area and who want to learn more about the surroundings from local people. Tours often take you to places you would never have known existed if you had gone off on your own accord. You can choose to do private tours or groups of mixed groups. There is also the possibility to do cycling food and wine tours, medieval villages or road biking tours, for the more experienced. You can do tours from 1 hours long to ones that go all day. You choose!

If you want to hire a bike and go on your own, it is also very easy to do. There are various bike rental shops around, where you can choose a bike that matches your needs, height and ability. Just one of these is Cycle Catalan, where the friendly staff will help you find exactly what you need.

You can rent helmets, locks and everything you will need at these shops. Scope out the locals and ask where the most scenic routes are and have a great day in the sun, visiting many of the local sights. You could also visit one of the eight incredible national parks we have here in Costa Brava.

One example of a scenic route that will allow you to experience incredible coastal views, is pictured below. Starting in Roses, around 24km from Costa Brava, the whole route is about 52km. However, you can check your maps and shorten or lengthen your journey however you prefer. This route is reasonably flat and down-hill some of the way. You can shorten the route by starting in Roses and ending there as well, instead of a bit further down the coast!

Cycle Path

Another easier and more family-orientated route is this one pictured below. It is 48km long, but takes a more relaxed route around the countryside, allowing you to take in the views and enjoy a nice cycle. This route is perfect for less experienced cyclists but is also highly enjoyable for all levels.

Cycle Path

We hope you enjoy cycling around Costa Brava! If you need help finding an apartment in the area, don’t hesitate to speak to us and we can help you personally. Otherwise, have a look here for Costa Brava Apartments!

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