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    All information you need to know about Barcelona – where to stay, the city, transportation, working and much more.

Sant Joan celebration 2020

Santa Joan celebration-Barcelona-home

Sant Joan Celebration 2020 in Barcelona The celebration of Sant Joan day marks the start of the summer. It is the most amazing time in Barcelona. The Sant Joan celebration starts on  June 23rd but the actual feast date is ...

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Barcelona in phase one

Barcelona in phase one Barcelona-Home

Barcelona in phase one In this article is the information of phase one in Barcelona city. Things that can be done during this phase one, and things that can not be done. All the necessary and essential  health measures  to ...

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5 Best Ways to Learn Spanish


5 Best Ways to Learn Spanish Whether you want to make connections with locals during a Friday night out or you simply want to be able to understand the menu at your favorite restaurant, knowing Spanish in Spain is going ...

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Enjoy the Best Beaches in Barcelona


Enjoy the Best Beaches in Barcelona The last couple of months have been trying, not only for Barcelona but the world. That is why we’re especially delighted to hear that our everyday life is slowly getting back to normal. Of course, ...

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Four phase plan of Spain

four phases Barcelona-Home

Four phase plan of Spain Every country handles the situation differently, Spain chose to stick to a four phase plan. In this article we want to give you some information about this plan. What does it mean for the country, ...

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Top 5 traditional Spanish dancing

Traditional Spanish dancing Barcelona-Home

Top 5 traditional Spanish dancing The first thing that comes to mind if you think about traditional Spanish dancing is Flamenco. You see a beautiful tall woman in a red dress with black dots whipping her skirt from side to ...

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Italian pizza in Barcelona

Italian pizza Barcelona-Home

Italian pizza in Barcelona Are you dreaming of Italian pizza in Barcelona, just like us? Well then this list is going to be very helpful. With this information you can start planning your next trip to some of the best ...

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