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    All information you need to know about Barcelona – where to stay, the city, transportation, working and much more.

7 Modern Ways to Use Wood Panelling

The use of wood panelling has been declining in modern construction, but it still stands as a popular building material. Wood panelling can create a luxurious atmosphere when used to help define rooms or to simply brighten up the room. ...

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The 7 Best Yachting Destinations in Spain

With over 3,000 miles of coastline and 60 islands, chartering a yacht is one of the best ways to soak up the alluring atmosphere of Spain. Not only is there overwhelming, natural beauty, but vibrant culture as well. The lavish beachside communities ...

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Cave Touring in Oliva Spain

Mediterranean food and popular attractions like cave visits encourage a hearty and healthy lifestyle, while the calm and sociable atmosphere adds to expats’ great quality of life. Oliva, a lovely town in Spain, isn’t the first place that springs to mind ...

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The Future Of The Fashion Industry

The Future Of The Fashion Industry barcelona-home

The Future Of The Fashion Industry: Tech, AR/VR, And The Metaverse The fashion industry is constantly evolving. Businesses need to adopt new technologies and platforms to keep up with the evolution. Here, we will discuss the fashion industry’s future and how technology will ...

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The Best Motorsport shop in Barcelona

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AFB Motorsport is an international company located in Barcelona that sells a variety of clothing, equipment and memorabilia associated with the motorsport world. Founded in 2008, AFB has established itself as the top provider of motorsport equipment in Spain and ...

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