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The International Costa Brava Fireworks Contest Barcelona-Home

The International Costa Brava Fireworks Contest

Color, happiness, noise, applause, fire. All these words describe only one thing: F I R E W O R K S. And what´s better than watching fireworks at the beach, with your feet sunken into the smooth sand, the sounds of the sea in the background and your family and friends surrounding you? Join us at the International Costa Brava Fireworks Contest, in Blanes – Costa Brava, where for five consecutive days you will witness the most impressive fireworks from all over Europe competing. The contest is always to be held from a few days in July.

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History of the fireworks in Blanes

Fireworks are a long-standing tradition in Blanes, with references to displays in the town dating back to the first appearance of fireworks in Blanes over 100 years ago. According to the Spanish newspaper “Blandence – El Atalya”, the first fireworks happened on July 26th, 1897. The quote going along with it says: “At 9p.m, a nice bunch of fireworks was shot by a renowned pyrotechnic“. Fireworks stopped when the Civil War broke out in 1936; and started again in 1944 and in 1970. Eventually the event became a yearly competition designed to promote Blanes tourism. The fireworks competition has further become firmly established over the years, attracting prestigious participants and viewers from all over the world.

The International Costa Brava Fireworks Contest Barcelona-Home

Nowadays, you can be sitting on a beach in Blanes on a warm summer night when the sky suddenly lights up with fantastic compositions of light and colors. The International Fireworks Contest is one of the most exciting and original events on the Costa Brava. Each day, one artist pyrotechnist shows off his best features in the fireworks contest, moreover installed throughout the day around a rock near the beach. Don’t forget: The show begins at 22:30, at the Roca de Sa Palomera and lasts at least 30 minutes!

What is the best place to watch the fireworks?

In 2014, over 250,000 spectators attended the fireworks competition. Subsequently since then, each year has seen more people! Expect the city to be crowded… Overcrowded, in fact. People gather in large numbers along the shoreline, looking for somewhere to sit on the sand to enjoy the show. The most popular places to watch the show are from the hill of St. Juan and from the beach. However, go to these viewing spots only if you enjoy standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers. We recommend watching the fireworks from the ferries instead. During these five days, tourist ferries in Blanes will have special deals available. Floating over the Mediterranean sea, a boat is a very special place from which to enjoy the show.

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Practical information about the Fireworks Contest

If you don’t want to miss out on this amazing experience, make a date in your calenday for next July. For a few Costa Brava nights, fireworks are the focal point of interest in Blanes. Likewise for residents and visitors who want to enjoy the world’s best displays as they compete for the Town of Blanes Trophy.

Address: Sa Palomera, 17300, Blanes, Girona

Price: Free

Schedule: in the month of July; starting from 22:30 for around 30 minutes


  • Telephone: (+34) 972 330 348
  • E-mail: fires.festes@blanes.cat
  • Website: www.blanes.cat/focs

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