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Mobile world congress GSMA 2020

Mobile World Congress GSMA 2020

Mobile World Congress GSMA 2020

From Monday the 24th of February until the 27th, there will be a mobile world congress here in Barcelona. For those of you who have never visited or haven’t heard about it before now, it is the world’s largest exhibtion for the mobile industry. Many prominent companies and representatives for these companies will be there to inform you of the exciting plans for the future of the mobile industry. The event will be held at 2 locations during that same period, at the Fira Gran Via and the Fira Montjuic. This major event is not only important to Barcelona, but to all of us because it covers everything about Intelligent Connectivity, which is something that is playing a major part in our daily life. In total, there will be 2.400 major technology companies at the exhibition and they will show you their most innovative products and services.


The history of MWC

The origin of the Mobile World Congress can be found in a conference held in 1987 called Pan European Digital Conference. Over the years the name changed several times: in 2001 it was called 3GSM World Congress and in 2005, GSM World Congress. In 2008 it took the name of Mobile World Congress.

Since 2006, the congress has been held in the city of Barcelona. Previously it took place in other cities such as: Cannes, Lisbon, London, Rome, Nice, Berlin, Athens and Madrid.

What is on the program?

There will be 7 main subjects and topics that will be discussed and exhibited during this event: Artificial intelligence, Connectivity and 5G, Customer Engagement, Industry X, Media and entertainment, Our planet and lastly Security and Privacy. NVIDIA is a company that has a lot of experience with AI and thus they also specifically sponsor this part of the event. The same goes for Deloitte that sponsors 5G and Industry X that is sponsored by Citi. Whether or not you are familiar with these topics and companies doesn’t matter, there will be various events and experiences that will introduce you into each topic.

One of these events are the various keynote speakers that will attend. One of them is Marc Fontaine, who is the Digital Transformation Officer for Airbus. Airbus is a major player in the market of aircrafts. Marc Fontaine leads the deployment of digital advancements in Airbus and its different divisions. But there are also speakers from ngo’s like the president of Mercy Ships: Rosa Whitaker. She will be talking about the advancements that are necessary to bring effective surgical and medical equipment into developing countries. There is no specific focus on only the advancements that are made as you can see, it is also important to find causes to implement them into.



For the tickets, there are 5 possibilities and each of them at a different price point. The first one is the exhibition visitor pass at €799 that allow you to visit all of the exhibition. The topic pass is sold at €1699 and grants access to either the IoT topic or the 5G topic and it’s keynotes. The Silver pass at €2199 allows you to visit every keynote and the exhibition. Then there is also a golden pass at €2699 and this one will get you into the VIP zones. And finally there is also a platinum pass at €4999 which gets you the best seats during dining reservations, keynotes, the awards and everything else you could possibly need whilst attending the conference. Make sure to register before the 14th of February, otherwise you may miss the event.

How to get there?

Because this is such a major event for Barcelona, you can be sure that the event will be easily accessible. There are various locations around the halls for buses to stop and also many parking spots for taxis if you prefer to go by taxi. Not every topic may be as interesting for you and it is always pleasant to spend your lunch outside so make sure you’ll also grab the opportunity to explore the city. Most of the events take place at the Gran Via Fira, but the 4YFN events take place at the Montjuic Fira and there is a free shuttle bus that will get you there. And if you have the platinum pass, the transfer from the airport to the venue is already arranged.

If however you are unable to get to Barcelona, make sure to check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Youtube page. There will be updates throughout the event, making sure that you stay up-to-date even though you are not there. Make sure to look for the hashtag #MWC20 as you’ll easily find every related article with it.

Address:Av. Joan Carles I, 64, 08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona

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