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Best Scholarships in Barcelona for International Students

by Florian Wehde

by Florian Wehde

Best Scholarships in Barcelona for International

Gain access to world-class education and an incomparable cultural experience through the
generous scholarship opportunities available in Barcelona. Whether you are a student
seeking to develop your professional or academic skills, or climb unencumbered on the
ladder of success by removing financial constraints, explore our guide for everything you
need about scholarships in this captivating Mediterranean metropolis.
Getting a scholarship is a significant step in every student's life because a scholarship will
help you not only pay for your studies and raise your rating in the eyes of the employer. To
increase your chances and beat the competition, you better start preparing in advance, think
about your GPA in advance, and do not forget about the opportunity to buy a quality
personal statement and an introductory essay from professional college writing services.


#1 MATRC Financial Accreditation and EQUITY Scholarship

The University of Barcelona is offering a generous scholarship opportunity for European
Union citizens in need of financial assistance to pursue their academic dreams. The
scholarship provides varying amounts of tuition fee reduction, with recipients receiving either
a 70% or 80% discount depending on individual circumstances.

Prospective applicants must hold citizenship in an EU country and be enrolled in an eligible
course program at the University – including both bachelor's and master's degree courses –
as well as meet certain prerequisites regarding family size and economic situation. For more
information about accepted courses and other criteria details, please visit the university
scholarships page.


#2 Drac Program Grants

DRAC scholarships provide financial support to undergraduates, postgraduates, and
doctorate students for activities related to their studies. These grants promote creativity and
innovation in degree projects. The University of Barcelona also offers funding for
international mobility through these scholarships.
Students can use this opportunity to study abroad for a certain period, making it an ideal
option for adventurous people. The DRAC scholarship consists of three separate programs,
so it's essential to read and compare them to find the one that fits your needs before



The University of Barcelona is dedicated to providing students with opportunities for success
both in academics and professional life. UB offers unique scholarship programs tailored to
the needs of bachelor's, master's, and doctorate students. This financial assistance may
enable them to undertake research projects in collaboration with external organizations –
such as companies or institutions – that aim to benefit their field of study.
Students can apply for this scholarship even if they are not currently supported by finances
from other sources – making it accessible to those who need it most. The amount received
will vary depending on the individual's circumstances; they are encouraged to contact
department heads or faculty advisors at UB for more detailed information about any specific
grants related to their academic discipline or research topic.
With such scholarships being offered regularly, the University aims to create a positive
learning environment that encourages teamwork between its students and the broader
community outside academia – allowing tomorrow's professionals insight into how
knowledge gained can be applied in reality.


#4 UIC Barcelona – International Excellence Scholarships

The Universitat Internacional de Catalunya – Barcelona provides international excellence
scholarships to a select number of exceptional and deserving international students, granting
them a 20% reduction in tuition fees. To qualify, applicants must meet academic
requirements which vary with their countries' educational systems. Those accepted must
then pass specific examinations or gain admission to the university and provide all
associated documents via the admission portal.
For successful scholarship holders, discount renewals depend on maintaining high grades in
their studies. This university offers financial aid to talented students from other states. It

creates opportunities for diverse people from far-off places to nurture an inclusive learning
environment within campus life through differences and growth among cultures.
Scholarships like this open worldwide doors for potential education seekers by assisting
individuals seeking higher knowledge internationally. The Universitat Internacional de
Catalunya – Barcelona takes pride in its initiative towards helping young minds achieve
academic goals abroad!



Barcelona is a wonderful city to live in and to study in. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful
cities worldwide, and you definitely need to visit Barcelona at least once in your life. An
international scholarship is an outstanding opportunity to spend quality time in this dream
city and simultaneously obtain an excellent education.
But to succeed in getting a prestigious Barcelona scholarship, you must start preparing
early. You will need to maintain a high GPA, write a solid thesis statement and carefully
explore all requirements. Students can monitor the best scholarships on the official website
of Barcelona University and consider available options.

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