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What to Do This Weekend, February 8th-10th

What to do thisweekend February 8th, 9th and 10th

Are you in Barcelona and looking for extraordinary one-day festivals? Or maybe are you simply interested in the fun-packed nightlife of Barcelona? Whether you want to experience, alone or with your friends or family, here in Barcelona you can. This ...

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Unique Christmas Gifts in Barcelona


We’ve officially entered the holiday season, Barcelona is starting to come alive with Christmas markets, lights, and decorations. As Christmas is rapidly approaching its time to get started on your Christmas shopping. whether for your family or friends a lot of ...

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The Annual Mobile World Congress 2019

James& Katie (16)

Barcelona once again brings together entrepreneurs and leaders in the mobile communications industry to the 2019 Mobile World Congress this February. The annual event is the world’s most renowned mobile industry network, providing new business opportunities and showcasing innovations in mobile-related ...

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Christmas time in Barcelona

James& Katie (31)

The most joyful time of the year is just around the corner, so cheer up everybody because its soon time to get into proper Christmas spirit. What better way to spend your holiday than in the lovely city of Barcelona? ...

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How to dress for Halloween

James& Katie (63)

October 31st is the international day of Halloween, on which people all over the globe dress up in their most terrifying outfits and take to the streets to enjoy a night of spooky cheer. In Barcelona, October 31st is likewise the ...

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Oktoberfest Barcelona


Oktoberfest is originally an event held in Munich, Germany and it’s known as the biggest and most productive people’s fair on Earth! Six million people go and consume about seven million liters of beer in an event which usually lasts ...

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7 scientific reasons to travel! Let’s Go!

7 scientific

Sometimes we travel a lot, and after each trip (hopefully) we come back full of new experiences, emotions and memories. Do you think it is normal? Well, check these 7 scientifically proven facts about traveling and you will understand everything. So pack ...

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Barcelona Beer Festival 2018

Barcelona Beer Festival 2016

Ahhhh beer… It´s the most widely consumed and most ancient alcoholic beverage and the third most popular drink overall. Beer is beloved all over the world by many different nationalities, by many different cultures. In recent years, the annual consumption of ...

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5 spectacular wineries in Barcelona

Best wineries in Barcelona

Nowadays, Catalunya is one of Spain’s best-known areas for the quality and the diversity of their wine and many wine lovers know that wine from this region is greatly appreciated and requested by people from all around the world! Barcelona ...

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Winter Guide: Ice skating in Barcelona


Where to ice skating in Barcelona? This is what you may be asking if you know that in Barcelona it is never freezing. Nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to do this wonderful winter sport in the city during this ...

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Holiday weekend Itinerary in Barcelona

Barcelona (1)

If you find yourself a weekend in Barcelona during the holiday season there is more then enough to do and we would love to give you our recommendations. Barcelona is not only filled with beautiful monuments to visit but also ...

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