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Cadaqués – Costa Brava

Cadaqués is a town in the province of Girona, Catalonia in Spain. The city is situated in the middle of the bay of Cap de Creus peninsula, near Cap de Craus Cape, on the Costa Brava of the Mediterranean – only 170 kilometers from Barcelona and 60 kilometers from the French border. Most importantly, Cadaqués is a social place in art history; in fact, Salvador Dalí often visited Cadaqués in his childhood and had a house near the city. Other artists, including Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró, also spent time here.

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History of Cadaqués

In the past, the city was a small walled village on a hill often overlooked by a windswept church; and only the streets were steep paved alleys winding round the hill, for instance in the local Rastell style. In the 17th century, the town expanded out of its walls along the seaside towards El Poal and Port Duguer. Cadaqués was uniquely kept under the control of the count of Empires. This means that nowadays has a high degree of autonomy and independence; and further became one of the most important cities of the region.

Cadaqués - Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

Cadaqués became one of the favorite destinations for artists, and one of the beautiful things about this city is the fact that the local council has been very careful with the local development. Meaning, the city retains its traditional charm, the one which attire artists, even during summer. Moreover, the city has its own language, which is called “Parlat Salat”.

Sightseeing in Cadaqués

One of the first places you have to go is to visit the Cap de Creus Peninsula; which has been declared a nature reserve in 1998, due to the unique geology and coastal beauty. It marks the most eastern end of the Pyrenees as they crash into the Mediterranean, and the barren rocky coastline is dotted with secluded, deep blue coves. It’s a nice path, from where you can discover the region and the city along the sea.

Cadaqués - Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

  • Address: Carretera Cap de Creus, 17488, Girona

You also have the possibility to visit Salvador Dalí’s house which is located around the bay in Port Lligat. He used to live with his wife in this former fisherman’s house. You have to see it, not only for the view from the house but also for Dalí’s eclectic collection of possessions and his own unique style.

Cadaqués - Costa Brava Barcelona-Home

  • Address: Platja, 17488 Port Lligat, Girona
  • Opening hours: Every day from 09:00 to 20:30

Activities in Cadaqués


Moreover, there are a lot of other activities available in the beautiful Cadaqués; for instance you have a huge range of walks from the easiest to the harder hiking trails. You will also find a variety of water sport like diving, and renting a boat is very popular during summer as well as enjoying the weather on the beaches.

Grab a bite

Cadaqués is also a great place to sit around, have lunch, do a bit of sunbathing and watch the world go by sipping a sundowner. One of the top rated restaurants in all of the town is Compartir Restaurant. With the incredible location just a few blocks away from the coast you must walk by Compartir Restaurant and, as the name rightly says, share a complete seafood menu with you companions. From Mediterranean, traditional Catalan and international michelin-rated dishes, Compartir brings you unique flavors with the best quality ingredients and a satisfying service!

  • Address: Riera de Sant Vicenç, s/n, 17488 Cadaqués, Girona
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 13:00 to 15:15 and 20:30 to 22:00

How to get there

  • Car: Get on B-10 from Via Laietana, Plaça de Pau Vila, Carrer del Dr. Aiguader and take exit 22. Drive along AP-7. Take exit 4 from AP-7. Follow N-II and C-260 to GI-614. It’s take around 2 hours to reach Cadaqués from Barcelona.
  • Bus: There is many buses who reach Cadaqués from Barcelona. Such as the company Sarfa, which provide buses between the two cities. It will take 3h30 for the journey and cost 26€50 for one way.
  • Train: In the case, you would like to take the train, you have first to take a train from the station Barcelona Sants to Girona, then another train from Girona to Llanca. Arrive to Llanca, you would have to take a taxi to reach Cadaqués. The total price of the journey is around 55€ and 72€, and will take 2h30.

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