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Cheap Weekend Away from Barcelona by Bus

In the journey, there is always a certain part of magic. Choose to get away from the daily routine, visit new places to meet new people with new traditions and habits, all this makes traveling a truly unique experience. Obviously, you do not want to start your trip wrong, right? But, when you decide to do a weekend away or a little trip outside of Barcelona in Costa Brava, Costa Dorada or city like Madrid, Zaragoza etc.., you have to think about how to move especially if you travel on a Budget. Instead of taking the car you might want to opt for a cheaper vehicle, such as a bus. Although it is not as comfortable as a train, is often the cheapest solution in Spain.



Traveling by bus definitely has several advantages, let’s see some together.

You can relax peacefully without having to focus and concentrate on the road. How many times you had to drive for hours and hours to reach your destination without being able to rest even for half an hour? By traveling by bus you will not have such problems and you can enjoy the trip in total relax. You will reduce traffic and urban pollution. By traveling by bus, in fact, you will compete in the first person to reduce the levels of pollution both environmental and atmospheric. Also, taking into account that our buses can carry up to 60 people, you will contribute to significantly reduce traffic congestion.

You will save money. Between petrol and toll is easy to see that car is more expensive than a bus. By choosing the bus instead you would spend much less and with the money saved you can stay in a better hotel or lengthen your holiday one day and visit the city more calmly.

You will meet new people. Traveling by bus will allow you to meet fellow travelers with whom to chat on the way and, why not, maybe even spend a piece of your vacation together once you have arrived at your destination. You will then have the opportunity to spend the whole duration of your trip in the company of people like you who like to travel and share their opinions and ideas about what you have in common.

You can also travel without a license. Nowadays, we all take for granted the possession of the license. But maybe there is someone who has been withdrawn or simply has not renewed it because they have passed a certain age or simply because as an expat in a big city like Rome, London or Lisbon they don’t really need anymore to drive. In these cases, instead of disturbing friends or relatives, why not choose simply the bus?

You will travel safely. The bus is by far the safest means of road transport. In fact, its safety performance is comparable to the train although, unlike this, coaches do not have a dedicated infrastructure they have to share the road with cars and road freight transport.


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