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The 5 best plans with dogs in Barcelona

Do you want to have a friend for life but are afraid of lack of space?

Keep reading, because Barcelona can be a top 10 alternative for your furry friend.

1. Beach Forum


Hands down, the best place for your dog, whether he likes water or not. It is the beach in Barcelona with the most sand density, the shore is wide for your friend to interact and play with others. There you will meet new friends and if it is hot, you will cool off easily.

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2. The enormous circumferences of Montjuic


After climbing the mountain by cable car (dogs are allowed!) or on foot (a 45-minute cardio session is always good…) you will arrive at the Palau Sant Jordi, where there are 3 circular esplanades full of dogs. 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., prime time! Remember to respect other people – especially children – if you are playing, there is room for everyone! Highly recommended for dogs that enjoy playing with balls and frisbees. There is an agility nearby too!! You can check the activities here (https://www.agilitybarcelona.com/).

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3.The acuatic Park de Joan Miró


Here we have fooled you a little… hehehe. It is not a water park, but the artist’s fountain can be used for your

furry cool off without having to go to the beach! Symbol of Barcelona, Plaza España and Las Arenas is a perfect area to live (find your accommodation here) and to walk. In addition, the Arenas shopping center is pet friendly :), so you can go have a snack with your friend inside its various stores.

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4.  A walk through Borne – shopping!

El Borne is full of interesting smells for your little friend… You will enjoy seeing their happy face while you enter the small shops near the Cathedral, sit in their squares and buy all kinds of snacks, dresses or dog accessories. Be creative!


5. A coffee in Sant Antoni


At the Bonastre Pastry Shop (link) you will be at home… They have a perfect terrace for dogs and children…

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