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Best Beaches of Barcelona

Enjoy the Best Beaches in Barcelona

Enjoy the Best Beaches in Barcelona

The last couple of months have been trying, not only for Barcelona but the world. That is why we’re especially delighted to hear that our everyday life is slowly getting back to normal. Of course, we still need to take a few precautions. But what better way to get out and enjoy the sun, than to make a trip to the beach. That’s why we want to present you with a list of (in our opinion) the best beaches in Barcelona.

On your trip to Barcelona, you will definitely want to take a dip, especially with summer just around the corner. One of the main attractions of Barcelona in recent years has been its beaches. Thanks to the regeneration of the coastline for the Olympic Games implemented in 1992, Barcelona has eight beaches to offer.  They extend for more than 4.2 km but are still very central. They connect to the historic center and all of the beaches are just minutes from the city. The beaches on our list are all equipped with the most important services: showers, security, first aid, bike racks, free wi-fi, and, in some cases, changing rooms and a rental service for hammocks, sunbeds, and umbrellas.

According to data from the municipality of Barcelona, every year the beaches of Barcelona receive more than seven million visitors. Although most of these bathers visit Barcelona in the summer months between May and September, citizens and tourists can enjoy the beaches all year round. You can for instance always play tennis, volleyball and other sports at the beaches. On the beach of Sant Sebastià, near the Hotel Arts, there is a modern municipal thalassotherapy center and the maritime multi-sports center, with seawater pools that allow you to use the sports facilities all year round.

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False Myths about Beaches in Barcelona

Unfortunately, there’s a false myth going around. Some people seem to think that the beaches in Barcelona are the worst in all of Catalonia. Their reasoning for this is that they claim cigarette butts and trash litter the beaches, which in turn affects the water quality. However, if you have been to the beaches in Barcelona, you know that this isn’t the case. Locals and visitors from all over the world appreciate the cleanliness of the beaches in Barcelona.

Now, delving into our list. The eight Best Beaches in Barcelona, from west to east, are Sant Sebastià (partially naturist), Barceloneta, Somorrostro, Nova Icària, Bogatell, Mar Bella (naturist), Nova Mar Bella, and Llevant. Between the beach of Somorrostro and that of Nova Icària is the Port Olimpic structure, while to the east of the Llevant beach is the Marine Zoo (Zoo Marí). In our guide, we will talk about the first 3 beaches: Barceloneta, Sant Sebastià, and Somorrostro beaches which are both 1,100 meters long and are the oldest and in our opinion the best beaches in Barcelona.

La Barceloneta

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Barceloneta is known for its sandy beach. This beach is perhaps the most popular among tourists (given the proximity to the historic center). It offers a breathtaking view, with crystal clear water, enabling you to refresh yourself during the summer heat. From day to night, the beach of Barceloneta is the most animated of all of Barcelona. La Barceloneta is home to a number of small bars called chiringuitos or clubs, where one can eat dinner or drink until the wee hours of the early morning.

Today, the “cosmopolitan beach” is the most popular one for its location in relation to the city center.

On the Barceloneta beach, you can also find a less crowded area in front of the Wella hotel, where you will have no problems finding a nice spot to set up your towel throughout the summer. It is the favourite beach for surfers and cool people who visit the city and want to stay away from crowds. The Barceloneta also offers a huge aquarium, considered the largest in Europe. The most fascinating part is a transparent tunnel passing through the shark tank! So enjoy this beach to the fullest. But don’t forget that we also have two more beaches which we can totally recommend.


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It is located between the Mar del Marina and Marina Street, in the Ciutat Vella district. It is 522 meters long and 89 meters wide and is one of the city’s most popular beaches. The name Somorrostro was once forgotten, but in 2010 Somorrostro got its original name back. This beach offers a lot of services such as a children’s play area, a beach library, sun loungers, changing rooms, beach umbrellas, drinks and ice cream kiosks, bicycle parking areas, restaurants, and Wi-Fi. You will probably find everything you need on this beach, allowing you to sunbathe by not thinking about anything.

If you want to keep fit, you can also practise different sports: the most popular is beach volleyball. But there are also a few entertainment options. Port Olimpic is luckily very close to the beach. There you can have an aperitif with your friends, enjoy the sunset or go dancing all night long. For those visiting the city with their family, the beach and neighbourhood at the beach offer all the services that allow you to spend your holiday in peace and quiet.


San Sebastià

Last but not least, Sant Sebastià beach deserves a special mention. With 1,100 meters it’s the longest beach in Barcelona. This is a sandy beach in the Barceloneta neighbourhood of the Ciutat Vella district. For all of you fellow history nuts out there, we have listed a few interesting historical facts about Sant Sebastiá beach:

• In the 19th century the city’s elite were common visitors to this beach.
• While a statue to commemorate swimming was built by sculptor Alfredo Sanz in 2004.
• In 2009, the hotel W Barcelona was built. It was created by Ricardo Bofill and has caused some confrontation as it has altered Barcelona’s skyline.

From this beach, you can see all the other beaches of Barcelona, in a landscape that will leave you breathless. On your right, you can also see the famous “sail” of Barcelona, making it a perfect place for a selfie. Near the beach, there are numerous sports centers, where you can train and practise different sports. The beach is equipped with all the services already mentioned for the other beaches.


You just have to pack your suitcase, take your swimsuit and head out to Barceloneta, Somorrostro or San Sebastiá!

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