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Barcelona Best Viewpoints

Barcelona’s Best Viewpoints

viewpoints - Barcelona-home

Barcelona is such a beautiful city. Not only the impressive architectural buildings make it special, but it also has the luck to lay by the sea. That is why going to the Barcelona best viewpoints is a wonderful plan. You not only get to see the city views, but also the sea with the horizon. Perfect to see the sun hiding or the city lights by night. Gather a group of friends, something to snack and make a list of the Barcelona best Viewpoints we tell you here to start crossing out them!

#1 Basílica Santa María del Pi

viewpoints - Barcelona-home

This church is in the beautiful Gothic Quarter, and the viewpoint we are talking about is found at the top of the bell tower. This amazing bell tower is 54 meters tall, making the views quite impressive and shocking! The gothic church itself has wonderful stained glass windows and a beautiful vault. All the way to get to the top of the bell tower is made up of a narrow spiral staircase. Once up there you will find the view of the whole city, especially to the historical center of Barcelona.

The visiting hours are every day from 10 am to 6 pm. You have the chance to make this visit with a professional guide who will give you all the historical details of the church and all the art pieces. If you want to go by subway it is on the green line, Liceu stop.


#2 Park Güell


viewpoints - Barcelona-home

You probably recall PARC GÜELL, one of Gaudi’s most famous monuments in Barcelona. It is no wonder taking into account all the modernist sculptures and fountains inside the park. This is definitely a must-visit if you travel to Barcelona. Although, in this case, we want to highlight the amazing views you get of Barcelona from Parc Güell. The viewpoint is specifically in the Plaza de la Naturaleza (Nature Square), where you will find the famous curved bench full of mosaics, perfect for sitting down and enjoying the views. From this viewpoint, you can see the city and see it at the end too.

The entrance to the park used to be for free, but in this recent years and due to a large number of visitors, now you have to reserve a ticket in advance.

#3 Bunkers del Carmel

viewpoints - Barcelona-home

If you are a cinema lover and you have seen films in Barcelona you can probably remember these views. This viewpoint is located in the highest part of the Turó de la Rovira. We recommend coming to this viewpoint to see the sunset, something absolutely breathtaking. This is probably the most famous one, as it offers a panoramic view of the whole city and the sea.

It is not only famous for its views, but it has a very interesting history as well. It is actually a patrimonial space. These BUNKERS were built during the Spanish Civil War in order to defend the city from fascist attacks. Eventually, the bunkers were left abandoned. Nowadays, this place has become very famous and it has visitors every day. You can go at any hour as it is a free place, but as we said, we recommend going before the sunset.


#4 The Terraces of the MNAC

The terraces of the Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña (National Museum of Art of Catalonia). In these terraces, you will find not only one of Barcelona’s best viewpoints but two! This museum is situated in MONTJUIC. From these terraces you can see many emblematic points and buildings of the city, such as the Avenida Reina Cristina, the FUENTE DE MONTJUIC, the PLAZA ESPAÑA, and even the Torre de Collserola and the TIBIDABO. Also on the second terrace, you will find many buildings as LA SAGRADA FAMILIA and Torre Agbar.

The entrance to the museum is free on Saturdays at 3 pm and also on the first Sunday of each month! Otherwise, the visit hours are from 10 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

#5 Montjuic Castle

viewpoints - Barcelona-home

This castle is situated in the highest part of the Montjuic mountain, and it offers great views of the whole city and the coast. This castle is a military fortress with more than 300 years of history behind itself. In order to go up there, you will have to take the MONTJUIC CABLEWAY. For doing that you have to buy the tickets in advance.

In addition, this is a travel tip we give you! When you want to go down this castle, we recommend you go by the side of the mountain until the seaport, where you will find lovely terraces with incredible views as well!

The visiting hours of the castle are every day from 10 am to 8 pm.

Some other Barcelona viewpoints to add to your list

The lasts ones are our selection in order to offer you a summarised list of the Barcelona best viewpoints offering different perspectives. But we want to tell you a few more places which offer good views just in case you prefer them!

We hope you take the time to visit all these amazing viewpoints, and of course, we hope you give us feedback on your favorite ones! If you look for an ACCOMMODATION IN BARCELONA, we take care of it!

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