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A perfect day with your kids in Barcelona

Ready for a wonderful day hanging out with your kids in Barcelona? Parks, gardens, beaches and shopping malls are always great options in this vibrant and dynamic city, but today we suggest some fresh, new ideas.

Mercadillo de Coleccionismo

Are you eager to share your own lovely childhood memories with your children? Start your day with a visit to Mercadillo de Coleccionismo, and dig up some unforgettable, iconic items from your past. Located in Plaza Masadas and held once per month, Mercadillo de coleccionismo is a lively spot for collecting and exchanging unique collectibles or simply hanging out and enjoying the cool vibe of the place. At this market you will find an enormous collection of antique toys on sale. Teach your kids about the simpler times by presenting them with a historical plaything. Open every first Sunday of the month, except in August. From 10:00 to 14:00.

Address: Plaça de l’Assemblea de Catalunya- Carrer de les Filipines

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Family Room Café

At lunchtime, Family Room Café is the perfect choice for a nice meal with your children. Nominated by El Mundo as one of the best kid-friendly restaurants in Spain, Family Room Café is a great place for families visiting Barcelona and traveling with children or living here full-time. Parents can relax and enjoy a leisurely lunch or read a book, while their children entertain themselves and play in the built-in playground. Obviously, every inch of the playroom is child-proofed so that there are no sharp edges or unstable and hard surfaces to worry about. As the kitchen only uses healthy and natural ingredients, the cuisine at Family Room Café is always light and tasty. And since the restaurant is close to Camp Nou, you can also take your kids on a nice visit to the world-famous stadium, the largest in Europe.

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Address: Carrer de Joan Gamper, 13

Kids playground insidePhoto Credit: facebook.com/familyroomcafe

Pepe Peluquitas

Do your kids simply refuse to get their hair cut? Well, we understand why. It can be a scary experience after all… But not at Pepe Peluquitas. This exclusive hair salon creates a super fun environment for children, which actually helps them enjoy getting their hair cut. Regardless of whether your children have straight, curly or any other kind of hair, Pepe Peluquitas will take them in and give them back to you with a fantastic mood and stylish new look.

Pepe PeluquitasPhoto Credit: facebook.com/pepepeluquitas

Address: C/ Bisbe Sivilla, 43

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Peek a Boo

Needless to say, this is a wonderland for all children in Barcelona. Peek a Boo provides inspiring, and diverse educational workshops, events and a venue for private birthday parties designed for kids. Accompanied by experienced tutors, your children will embark on an amazing adventure in a safe and very charming environment. In addition, Peek a Boo offers several distinct types of toys for your kids to play with, including plastic building blocks, facilities for body training and costumes for roleplaying games. It´s truly a paradise for kids, a place that will for sure be the highlight of their trip!

Address: c/ Santaló 126, Barcelona

Featured Image Credit: timeout.com

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