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Las Golondrinas Barcelona

Las Golondrinas helps you experience the marine sights of Barcelona from a different perspective. This company means ‘the swallows’, and started its business in 1888. Moreover, it was the first company to show the port from the seaside perspective. Currently Las Golondrinas is the only operator of harbor tours.

There are different lengths of duration for the harbor tours. They can be from yacht harbor, the freight port, fishing port and the long excursion. The ‘Port I Litoral’ long drive takes you to the port facilities, and into the massive open sea at the coast of city limits of Barcelona Port Forum.

Las Golondrinas Barcelona - Barcelona Home

About the port of Barcelona

When we talk about the port of Barcelona, we are talking about 2000 years of history and one of the most important ports in the world. Perfectly integrated into the Catalan capital, the port of Barcelona is an obligatory point of passage, not only because it is the point of departure for many ferries and cruises, but also because its surroundings, its tourist infrastructure and its cultural importance make it a place of real wealth. On this page you will find everything you need to know about the port, access to the terminals, means of transport, services and ferry crossings.

Barcelona is stated to be one of the biggest freight ports in the Mediterranean, as the fishing port has seemed to lost its importance almost completely. Barcelona is also considered to be an important ferry port as well, from here ships embark to destinations in the Mediterranean and has jetties for cruise ships. It is the leading cruise port in Europe and the most important home port in the Mediterranean. It operates nearly 100 regular lines connecting Barcelona to more than 200 ports on five continents.

History of Las Golondrinas

The first Golondrinas began to operate in 1888 on the occasion of the first Universal Exhibition in Barcelona. At that time, these boats were powered by a steam engine and had a capacity of only twenty passengers.

Las Golondrinas has witnessed the evolution of Barcelona’s coastline and environment. In 1992, during the Olympic Games, the city began to grow in the form of urban projects to expand and enhance the lifestyle in an attractive and also sustainable way. From Las Golondrinas you can certify the quality of the entire coastal environment and the great port of Barcelona, with a pleasant journey in which the most attractive aspects of the city can also be appreciated on the horizon.

Las Golondrinas Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Las Golondrinas is an expert company in maritime heritage, dedicated since 1888 to passenger transport and maritime tourism in the Port of Barcelona. With two different routes, Barcelona Mar 1h 30′ and Port of Barcelona 40′, and also guided tours: Puerto a la Vista 60′ and Mar a la Vista 1h30′. It provides the opportunity for those who want to enjoy the beautiful and unique views of Barcelona from a very different perspective that is the Mediterranean. This maritime activity is aimed at anyone who wants to get closer to the nature and culture of the sea that dominate the city of Barcelona!

How many tour trips does Las Golondrinas have?

# The short trip

The short harbor trip lasts for 45 minutes where you will see the sea port as well as the fishing port of Barcelona. This ship passes the Torre del Rellotge, a clock that used to be a lightning tower at the entrance of fishing port in previous times. Followed by the wonderful bridge Pont de la Porta d’Europa which can be slanted upwards for passing container ships at the Moll Contradic bulk cargo; such as when the wheat is being transshipped. At the boxed container terminal there are large cranes load and unload the gigantic container ships within space of few hours. At the end you will reach the vehicle loading point very closer to the factory of Barcelona, SEAT. The ship goes back along the outer piers, where the cruise ships dock.

Las Golondrinas Barcelona - Barcelona Home

# The long trips

The harbor tour

This harbor tour is approximately 90 minutes long. The boat leaves the port into the open sea, passes by the wonderful Barceloneta, the port Olympic, the Vila Olímpica, the beaches of Nova Icaria and Bogatell, Mar Bella and Nova Mar Bella, until it reaches the last stop of Port Forum. Here you will recognize the sports harbor through the large solar plant. Then it turns back the way you came from and takes you back to the port.

The boats are made out of double decked wood, where the boats are 18m long, 5m wide and are open and thus not suitable for the open sea. The boats have a capacity of about 200 passengers.

Las Golondrinas Barcelona - Barcelona Home

The Catamarans

For the long tour ‘Port I Litoral’ the port and coast enjoys a modern catamarans with an excellent length of 20 or 26 m and a width of 8.30 or 7m. These also offer classical double decked boats. However in relation to the double decked boats above, these do not have a sun screen at the top floor. Thus, be sure to use screen protection before your arrival. There is also a bar downstairs where you can buy drinks, as well as disability-friendly toilets. The lower deck of the main attraction and specialty of the catamarans, through the glass bottom you can see direct into the ocean, where you can also see the motors. You can enter the lower deck from the front part of the cabin.

If you’re on holiday, vacation or on business trip and living in an accommodation nearby, do not miss this chance of taking a tour or cruise around the main attractions of Barcelona.

Practical information

Colon Box Office

  • Fall & Winter hours: 10:00 to 17:00
  • Spring & Summer hours: 10:00 to 20:00
  • Moll de Drassanes, 08039 Barcelona


  • Barcelona port 45 min trip: Adults 7,70€ | Children under 10 3,30€
  • The ‘Port i Litoral’ 60 min trip: Adults 9,50€ | Children under 10 3,30€
  • For more information about the pricing offers visit their website.

How to get there

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