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    Here you can find a selection of tours to enjoy in Barcelona; with or without guide, in Barcelona or outside the city. Experience Catalonia!

Barcelona Cycling Tour and Bike Rental

Imagen con licencia Creative Commons de Carlos Lorenzo

With Barcelona cycling tour and bike rental, you can experience the city of Barcelona just like the locals do: by bike. It’s the fastest and most environmentally friendly way to discover the city, not to mention the most fun. Hire ...

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Attractions in Barcelona


The city of Barcelona offers many attractions to satisfy the needs of everyone. Barcelona has the perfect combination of art, entertainment, and recreational activities. There are many galleries and museums, parks, beaches, mountains, aquariums, festivals, and architectural masterpieces. Sagrada Familia Barcelona ...

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Tour Bus Barcelona

barcelona tour bus feature picture

The double-decker Tour Bus Barcelona is the most suitable way of exploring the most interesting touristic attractions and sights. There are over 45 tour stops if you wish to get on and of as many times and for as long ...

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Rollerblading Tour in Barcelona

Nightskate APB

Nightskate APB (Associació de Patinadors de Barcelona) is a organisation who organizes rollerblading tours throughout Barcelona! They figure out the best and safest routes in order to explore Barcelona in a nice and active way. What’s more fun than skating ...

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Main Squares & Streets in Barcelona

Main Squares  Streets

If Plaza Catalunya is the beating heart of the city of Barcelona, then the world-famous La Rambla is its aorta. La Rambla begins at Plaza Portal de la Pau, next to Barcelona’s Monumento a Colón (the Christopher Columbus statue, which stands 164 ...

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