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Cycling in Barcelona

Cycling in Barcelona is a fun and fit way to explore the city. You will find the city to be very bike friendly. In 2007 Barcelona launched ‘Bicing’ which offers residents with a subscription access to bikes at various stations across the city. Even though this is not available for tourists, you will have no trouble in finding a place to rent a bike or go on a bike tour.

It is very easy to explore and see all the main sights of the city by bike. Cycling is a great way to explore the diverse areas of the city, whether it’s along the beachfront, through the Arc de Triumf, or in El Born and the Gothic Quarter. 

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As cycling in Barcelona is so popular there are a massive number of bike tours available. It is often advisable to book before the tour to guarantee a place. Here are just a few which have been recommended:

Steel Donkey Bike Tours

These provide bike tours with a difference and tend not to stick to the same routine more than once, offering a greater variety and a fun tour to explore the city. It costs €35 in groups of a maximum 8 people.

Green Bikes Barcelona

This company has an eco-friendly ethos and offers guided or self guided tours. A standard guided tour lasts for 3.5 hours and can be in a range of languages including Spanish, English, French and Italian. This tour is amazing value for money for the length of tour and costs just €20.

Good Barcelona

These tours last for 2 hours and take a fun and relaxed approach to a bike tour. They always stop off for a quick beer or tapas along the way making it an enjoyable tour for everyone and a good opportunity to meet new people.

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