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Fietsen in Barcelona

Cycling in Barcelona is a fun and healthy way to discover a city. You will find that the town is very friendly. Barcelona launched ‘Bicing’ (cycling) in 2007, which offers residents with a subscription to access bikes at different stations in the city. Although it is not possible for tourists, it is still not difficult to find landlords bike or take a bicycle ride.

It’s very easy to see all the major sights of the city and to discover by bike. Cycling is a top way to discover the different areas, whether along the beach, through the Arc de Triumf, or El Born and the Gothic Quarter is.

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Cycling is very popular in Barcelona, ​​which means that there is always a lot of bike tours are available. It is often advised to book in advance to get a place guaranteed. Here are a few bicycle tours that are recommended:

Steel Donkey Bike Tours

This company offers several bicycle tours, and they try to not more than one time to do the same route. This implies a greater variety and a nice tour to discover in town. It costs € 35 in groups of up to eight people.

Green Bikes Barcelona

This company has an eco-friendly ethos and offers guided or free tours. A standard tour with accompaniment lasts 3.5 hours and you can choose from a Spanish, English, French, or Italian guide. With this tour you get real value for money, because it costs only € 20.

Good Barcelona

These tours last two hours and take a nice, relaxed atmosphere for a bike ride on. Along the way, always stopped for a quick beer or tapas, making it an enjoyable tour for everyone. It is also a good way to meet new people.

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