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Barcelona’s Top Tapas Restaurants

tapas - Barcelona-home

Barcelona’s Top Tapas Restaurants Spanish restaurants and cuisine, in general, are nothing without tapas. It’s known even by the people that haven’t even been to Spain. It’s kind of a snack or an appetiser. You can eat it cold – ...

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Best Cocktail Bars in Barcelona

The best cocktail bars in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

The revolution of the cocktails! The best cocktails bars in Barcelona It’s easy to be overwhelmed by a wide variety of choices that make up Barcelona’s nightlife. Promoters wait like hawks along Las Ramblas to entice you, promising free shots in the ...

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Rent house in Barcelona


Choosing to rent a house in Barcelona truly is the best way to enjoy an unforgettable stay and is certainly a decision you will not regret. After a busy day of sightseeing, what is better than coming back to your ...

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Top American Restaurants in Barcelona

Top American Restaurants in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Homesick expats and locals with a craving for a good burger and french fries, welcome! We have rounded up the Top American Restaurants in Barcelona; three fantastic foodie establishments guaranteed to leave you feeling satisfied by classic American fare. Whether you’re ...

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3 Best Nutritionists in Barcelona

3 Best Nutritionists in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

There’s nothing more important than our health; and as nutrition and diet plays a further role in that we have decided to round up the Best Nutritionists in  Barcelona. We have chosen these three institutions based on excellent feedback from former ...

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Best Lawyers of Barcelona

Best Lawyers of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

When you’re new in town, and especially when you don’t speak the local language, it can seem intimidating to seek out legal help. Not only is it crucial to find someone with your best legal interest at heart, it is ...

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The Best Cafes in Barcelona

Best Cafes in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Each person has their unique way to enjoy coffee. For instance: a single shot of espresso, like a bittersweet bullet to the heart. A frothy cappuccino, like a warm embrace. Coffee is a magical thing and Barcelona has of course its ...

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Sea View Apartments Barcelona


Want to wake up in the morning and look out the window to experience an endless sea view and perfect Mediterranean weather? We can help you find apartments walking distance from the bustling centre of Barcelona, but far enough not to hear the ...

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Palm Sunday in Barcelona

Palm Sunday in Barcelona

During the week between March 20th and 28th of 2016, Spain will be celebrating “Semana Santa” (or “Holy Week” in English), which is considered to be the most religious week of the year in this country. In fact, more than ...

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