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Tossa de Mar – Costa Brava

Tossa de Mar is a city in the comarca of La Selva, in the region of Costa Brava. Located halfway between Barcelona and the French border, its closest international access is through Girona Airport. The history of Tossa de Mar starts thousands of years ago, when people first started developing technology. In the 12th century a castle was built on the highest point of Mt. Guardi, which later was transformed into a windmill, then a lighthouse that still exists today.

The city is home to nearly 6,000 inhabitants spread through its 38,2 km2. Although tourism plays a large part in the city´s economy, the main economic activity is agriculture, especially the production of grapes and cork. Fishing also plays a minor part in the local economy, but it is mostly regarded as the main alternative in times of economic crisis. Tossa de Mar is known as the first city in the world to declare laws against bullfighting.

Tossa de Mar

Activities in Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar has several touristic sights. One of these is the Ancient Hospital de Sant Miquel, founded in 1773. The founder of the hospital became wealthy in America and built the two-floor building to serve the poor class of the city.  Since then the region has become quite wealthy in history and culture.

Another great point of interest is the historical site of the Roman Villa of Ametllers. This rural villa dates from the 1st century BC to the 6th century AD. Here you will find the remains of a roman spa, a heating system and mosaics, as well as items from the daily lives of the local inhabitants from the time.

One of the main churches of the city is the Parish Church, dedicated to Vincent of Saragossa. After 20 years under construction, the sanctuary was inaugurated in 1775.

The Old Town, or so-called Vila Vella enceinte, is the last fortified medieval town in the Catalan coast. Inside the old town, in the home of the former Governor, you will now find the Municipal Museum, which exhibits a collection of contemporary art from Spanish and international artists.



Tossa de Mar has a wealth of natural riches, such as its many beaches and coves, where you can spend time to relax while taking in the sunrays and enjoying the Mediterranean weather. There are three beaches in Tossa de Mar:

  • Platja Gran: Also known as Tossa Beach, this is right in front of downtown Tossa. The beach is almost 400 meters long and on average 60 meters wide.
  • La Mar Menuda: This beach is located on the other side of the bay. The beach is equipped with all facilities needed for the visit including nautical sports rentals. Almost 200 meters long and on average 20 meters wide.
  • El Codolar: Hidden from everything else, this beach is a bit harder to access, but definitely worth the time it takes to get there. It is surrounded by cliffs and is famous for its deep blue waters, characteristic Mediterranean.

Getting there:

  • By car: Get on C-32 and take exit 134. Follow GI-600 to Ctra. Blanes a Sant Feliu/GI-682 in Tossa de Mar.
  • By bus: The bus lines that go from Barcelona to Tossa de Mar are H16, it is necessary to first take this bus and then get off at Pg. Lluís Companys – Arc de Triomf, after which bus 2 will leave from Barcelona, Estacio del Nord and will stop in the center of Tossa de Mar. There is approximately 1 bus every half an hour and the estimated travel time from Barcelona to Lloret de Mar by bus is almost 2 hours.
  • By train: There is no direct connection by train to Lloret de Mar, so you will have to take a train/ metro from Barcelona to Arc de Triomf, and then a bus from Barcelona, Estacio del Nord to Tossa de Mar.


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  1. I’m actually planning a future weekend and I’m looking at all the different places you wrote about on this blog. This one seems really cute and easily accessible from Barcelona.

  2. I visited this city a month ago and I must say it is very beautiful. It reminded me a lot of the Croatian cost.

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