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Top 5 American Dessert Cafés in Barcelona

Top 5 American Dessert Cafés in Barcelona

Top 5 American Dessert Cafés

If you´re like us, your sweet tooth never stops calling, no matter where in the world you may be! Above all American cuisine, and particularly American desserts, have had their influences all over the world, especially in very international cities like Barcelona, where you can find a diverse range of ethnic restaurants. Here we recommend our Top 5 American Dessert Cafés, places where you can enjoy sweet creations inspired by American culinary culture.


If you are majorly into the doughnut mania that has been spreading across the globe rapidly these days, missing Chök in the El Raval neighbourhood might be the biggest regret of your trip. They offer an incredibly diverse range of doughnuts on their ultra-modern display case, which is guaranteed to transfix you and make your mouth water. In the practised hands of Chök´s baking team, natural ingredients come together to transform into magic. So, chocolate addicts will be glad to hear that the bakers of Chök also work hard to make top quality products in their special chocolate kitchen. Their creations include chocolate-covered potato chips, macarons, cupcakes, bonbons, churros, chocolate covered apples. Moreover, their signature item is the “chök,” a doughnut with less sugar and grease used in its recipe. They are light and fluffy and come in 30 varieties.

Address: Carrer de del Carme, 3 (check for more locations)


Petite, sugary and charming – your dream girl or the perfect cupcake? As the name implies, they specialize in cupcakes and are known for making some of the best in the town. Coconut, vanilla and chocolate, all the classic flavors can be found here. Nutella, oreo or chocolate chips are also ingredients that show up frequently behind the case. Staying true to the philosophy learnt from their grandmothers, the bakers at Brunch&Cake insist on making absolutely everything by hand, and they do so patiently, with plenty of attention paid to details and with the best ingredients around. Had a tiring day at work? Head over to Brunch&Cake in the Eixample neighbourhood and treat yourself. The tall mounds of sponge cake (and equally tall layers of deliciously sweet icing) are sure to cheer you up right away!

American dessertPhoto Credit: facebook.com/cupandcakesbcn/

Address: Carrer de Enric Granados, 19 (check for more locations)

Spice Café

With its pleasant smells and cozy atmosphere, what can satisfy more on a Sunday afternoon than a homey bakery and café in Barcelona? Spice Café specializes in handmade sweets baked fresh daily using local ingredients. Therefore, as its name suggests, Spice Café aims to use a pinch of spice in its desserts in order to achieve creative new flavors. Pay them a visit and we guarantee you will find it an enchanting experience.

Address: Carrer de Margarit, 9, 08004 Barcelona

Carrot café

An unbelievable variety in choices of bagels, sandwiches and hamburgers is what you will find at Carrot Café. But the restaurant and the bakery are well-known to focus on iconic American classics. So during your meal don´t forget to save space for the thick, rich cheesecake dessert. It´s a true must-have here! The soft, dense cheese filling is the perfect complement to the crunchy base made from crushed biscuits lining the bottom of each slice. They also offer a Nutella cheesecake, bringing an even creamier consistency to this already very sinful dessert.

American dessertPhoto Credit: facebook.com/CarrotCafe

Address: Carrer de Tánger, 22


Inspired by the magical world of Lewis Carroll´s Alice in Wonderland, Pudding is sure to hypnotize your senses with its dramatic interior design and delicious sweets. Humongous red mushrooms grow up to the ceiling. Delicious homemade cookies and carrot cakes are featured in the pastry case. But Pudding is also a new generation of a coffee shop, with their core concept being a combination of the following: eat, play and think. Workshops, board games and a great selection of books transform this place into an educational playground. The child-friendly environment also attracts many parents to hang out there and spend quality time with their kids.

American dessertPhoto Credit: facebook.com/WePuddingFamily

Address: Carrer de Pau Claris, 90

Featured Image Credit: thevintagemixer.com


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