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Top 5 Churrerías in Barcelona

Warm, caramelized, doughy and sweet. Who doesn’t love churros? Be it for breakfast, lunch, a snack or dinner these sugary treats are a delight. To fulfill your sugar cravings with something uniquely Spanish, be sure not to miss out on Barcelona-Home’s top five churrerías in Barcelona:

Xurreria dels Banys Nous

La churrería San Román

Tucked away in one of the narrow streets by La Boqueria, Xurreria dels Banys Nous is number one on this list for a reason. This fantastic family-owned churro stand gets right down to business when it comes to the good stuff. To satisfy your fancy, they’ll make you a fresh, piping hot cone of churros for just €1.20 to take away, as they don’t have a café. Though this large cone of five churros may at first seem best to share, once you start it’ll be impossible stop… so we recommended you grab your own!

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Traditional churros with a modern feel. The practically new churro shop Comaxurros, located on Calle Muntaner, has earned its stellar reputation over just the last few months. They’re known for their modern twist on the snack and the variety of churros found on their menu. Pamper yourself with The Churro Jimènez, a churro served with lemon cream topped with a toasted meringue. Or treat yourself to The Xurraco, a churro served with pistachio cream and raspberry jam. With a taste so perfect and unique, you’ll soon want to try everything on the menu.

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Xurreria El Trebol

Churreria Trebol

Barcelona’s oldest churrería, El Trebol (meaning clover), is a local favorite for this fried and doughy ecstasy. Another family-run churro shop, El Trebol is popular for its thicker and crunchier churros. They are open 24 hours on the weekend and thus the perfect post-party treat. This place even has an online delivery system, so you can get churros brought straight to your door!

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Granja La Pallaresa


The next two churrerías are on the same street, the narrow little Carrer de Petritxol in the Gothic Quarter. Famous for its thick and extra dark hot chocolate, Granja La Pallaresa puts all chocolate addicts on a high. Head over to tickle your senses and dunk some churros in a warm cup of chocolate in this typical Spanish café. Just remember that one cup of chocolate is enough to share between 2-3 people!

Granja Dulcinea

Granja Dulcinea

Unfortunately, we’ve reached the end of our churro tour around Barcelona. On this final stop, you’ll find yourself indulging in hot chocolate, thick and sweet, with lightly sugared, fried churros to dip. This experience creates the perfect sensation of inner happiness and satisfaction. If you find yourself on Carrer de Petrixol, try either Granja Dulcinea o Granja La Pallaresa to delight your sweet tooth.

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Photo credits:

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