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Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses

They attract the attention of people by being unusual and moreover are in key locations around the world. The flashy and comfortable designs are the dream of many people to relax, enjoy nature and subsequently get away from the city. Most importanly, this houses all have something in common; they are built on a tree. Further, these holiday tree houses have amazing architectural designs and are an inspiration to many who want to build one.

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Here are 10 of the best tree houses in the world:

# 1 Teahouse Tetsu in Japan

This dreamy outside design was created by Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori; but the real delight about this house is its surroundings. Moreover, its cover all-around by cherry blossoms this amazing view can be found in the tearoom at the Museum Kiyoharu Shirakaba, in Hokuto City, Japan.

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.architectull.com

# 2 Free Spirit Sphere in Canada

This intricate design came to life by the hands of Tom and Rosy Chudleigh. Moreover, this is a hanging sphere shaped house is in British Columbia, Canada. In the middle of the region of Qualicum Beach you will come across these incredible spheres, that were all in addition made by hand and suspended in just hanging ropes.

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.tripadvirsor.es

# 3 The UFO in Sweden

This futuristic tree houses actually are part of a hotel! Ever want to get abducted by extraterrestrial beings? Certainly, this hotel that has a very original design; its architecture is inspired by a UFO. Moreover, it has a quota for five persons. For more information, the hotel company is “Treehotel“, located in Sweden in a place called Harads.

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.treehotel.se

# 4 Canopy tree houses in Perú

Moreover inside the region of Port Maldonado in Perú, the “Canopy tree house” is uniquely designed for relaxation and an escape of the busy noises of the city. In the same vein, here you will see some exotic animals and hear the sounds of the jungle at night.

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.treehouselodge.com

# 5 The blue cone in Sweden

This hotel is built among the trees, and subsequently to access to the house you have to go via a bridge that is close to a mountain. This wonderful hotel is further in the middle of nature and is notable for its deep red color; inside the house is constructed of wood and the best part is that it has its own restaurant, bar, sauna and relaxation area.

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.treehotel.se

# 6 Wolgamott Roderick Romero in USA

Ever wanted to live like a real bird? Now it is possible! This home is simply spectacular; and in addition, its original design is shaped nest and that makes it unique among many. Don’t miss out the opportunity to become one with nature traveling to Lake-Nest Tree Houses in New York, USA.

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.inhabitat.com

# 7 Pubeton Chateaux Dans in France

Certainly this is not a dream: this is a real castle up in the trees! In addition of its unique structure, this amazing tree houses hosts inside a private spa and sauna. Relax like royalty in a castle in the woods in Nojals-et-Clotte, France.

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.canopyandstars.co.uk

# 8 The Yellow House in New Zealand

In the beautiful country of New Zealand, “The Yellow House” is a cafe that’s further imposed over a forest! In the same vein, those responsible for this unique project are Pacific Environments Architects.

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.tripadvisor.co.nz

# 9 Casa na Arvore in Brasil

This picturesque tree house more structured like the playground paradise for children is further two-hours away from Sao Paulo. Certainly by just looking at this small house in the middle of trees one can feel the very spacious area; for instance, perfect for children to play around.

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.smoda.elpais.com

# 10 The Tree Houses by Andreas Wenning in Germany

In the region of Osnabrück, Germany, this beautiful structure was created by the mind of Andreas Wennin. Most importanly, he is one of the most famous architects of tree houses. Moreover, he is very famous in all-around Europe and his work is of the most recognized worldwide! Wenning describes this tree house as the perfect place for a romantic getaway or an adventure with friends!

Top 10 Most Amazing Tree Houses Barcelona-Home

Source: www.smoda.elpais.com

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