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    Other information about Barcelona you will find interesting. Tips how to avoid problems, where to get a haircut and much more.

5 Facts about El Raval neighborhood

Facts about El Raval neighborhood Barcelona-Home

If El Raval neighborhood was a person, we could say that he has two personalities. Indeed, in the North of El Raval, it will be his bright side with the Boqueria Market, the MACBA’S fascinating collections, the Palau Güell and the art shops. On the other hand, in ...

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Top Universities in Barcelona

Top Universities in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

When you consider starting at some of the Universities in Barcelona, there’s a variety to choose from. Moreover, there’s no question that Barcelona is all about the lifestyle. You´ll be hard-pressed to find another city with such a perfect combination ...

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How to Fake your apartment pictures


How many times did you end up being totally frustrated about your apartment at your arrival, since you had such high expectations from the apartments’ pictures online? The tourism page Oyster is dedicated to revealing fakes amongst the established hotel ...

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The 14 finest libraries around the world

The 14 finest libraries around the world Barcelona-Home

If you are one of those people who thinks that libraries are only for studying, these libraries will prove you wrong! These amazing buildings can be found all around the world and certainly have the most eye-catching design and architecture. When ...

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26 houses that are isolated from society and other human beings


Living in a big city has its advantages, but there may come a time when you feel you are done with the city life, the stress and of other humans. A house in the middle of the forest or refuge ...

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Have you ever faced the inconvenience of carrying heavy luggage to the airport? Do you want to enjoy your last day in Barcelona without having to carry suitcases around and worrying about the safety of your belongings? The new concept ...

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