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Rooftop terraces of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Rooftop terraces of Barcelona

With summer at our doorstep, the time is approaching to get into those bikinis and slip into something to keep you cool throughout the hot days and nights. Drinks at the beach, bars, chiringuitos are all welcomed but more than ever, it’s that time of the year when cocktails and rooftops combine and make for a great time in Barcelona. Luxury rooftop terraces featuring pools and lounges are on the skyline and on your mind, so even for non-hotel guests you can enjoy the benefits of freshly made cocktails and the best of the Mediterranean food. Here are just a few suggestions of where to head this summer:

# 1 La Isabela at ‘Hotel 1898’

Rooftop terraces of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Source: www.thefork.com

With its central location just off the Rambla, whilst passing by on your evening strolls you should pop into this Hotel. It’s not necessary that you’re a guest in this budding five star hotel to take advantage of amazing views on this terrace. This rooftop without a doubt has a lot to offer, views all round, an outdoor pool, plenty of sofas and the best of all: the bar. The choices on the menu have something to suit everyone’s taste, cocktails and tapas and the champers at the ready all through summer!

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# 2 Gran hotel La Florida

Rooftop terraces of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Source: www.rumbo.es

Watch the sunset at the TB bar located on mount Tibidabo with not just any views but spectacular ones, of sun, sea and the city. This poolside bar offers a chilled location up high and closer to heaven than you have ever been before. Sit back with a cocktail and dig into a selection of tapas and take your time coz it’ll definitely fly by when the views are this breath-taking and the mood is so tranquilo! From a definite vantage point, you can’t get much higher than here; this bar definitely shows off with its panoramic overlook and making you feel like you’re living in luxury in the big city!

# 3 Hotel Majestic

Rooftop terraces of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

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One of the most luxurious terraces in Barcelona being in placed on the renowned Passeig de Gracia just 100 metres from Gaudi’s famous Casa Batllo. This terrace offers plenty of 5-star service with amazing views looking down the boulevard of Passeig de Gracia filled with designer shops below and above skyline views of the city. Dress to impress is definitely a must on this rooftop where you can recline on sofas and lean back next to the swimming pool. It goes without saying that this is an expensive location but level to Montjuic and Sagrada Familia you don’t want to regret missing it!

# 4 Hotel Duquesa de Cardona

Rooftop terraces of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Source: www.hduquesadecardona.com

La brisa del mar terrace has great views and is one of a kind with cruise ships and yachts in the old harbour; and sea front views looking over the horizon. One of most unique locations situated on the edge of El barri gotic (the old town); this terrace offers lounging sofas, palm trees over the ledge and a welcomed cocktail after a long day of sightseeing. Also on the rooftop there is a restaurant and solarium; so if on its own the drinks weren’t doing it for you, this might just be the thing!

# 5 Skybar Grand Central

Rooftop terraces of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Source: www.grandhotelcentral.com

Skybar is considered one of the best rooftop bars but of course when it has its deck giving you 360 views of the old city; and the rooftop pool to sit and bask in the sun. Relaxing on a lounger is great for daytime entertainment; especially when it comes with a cocktail and their incredible Mediterranean cuisine. Not to mention at night time you can do exactly the same and watch the sunset with their international range of cocktails available and tapas. Day or night this terrace has a lot to offer guest or non guest, enjoy it while it lasts!

# 6 Hotel Claris

Rooftop terraces of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Source: www.hoteles.com

Not only the hotel Claris is luxury 5-star but La terraza de Claris is certainly special too; open in summer and winter. It features an inside area for those chilly winter nights; where you can enjoy cocktails and cuisine when the night’s still young. Throughout summer making the most of this stylish rooftop in the heart of Barcelona will be a luxury and extraordinary treat. From Thursday onwards, live DJ sessions start the weekend off; whilst you take in the views and consume the drinks menu.

# 7 Wet bar at W Hotel

Rooftop terraces of Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Source: www.therooftopguide.com

Glamour and elegance are two things hotel W is prized for in the city and worldwide; so why would their terrace be any different? Comprising of the Mediterranean sea on one side and the splendid city and beach up the coast on the other; maybe not as high as the other rooftop terraces but hands down a good view and a cocktail to die for. Customized cocktails and drinks available throughout the day and night whilst you chill by the pool, take a dip, dive in; or lounge back, you can do all these things and more. With live music and the summer wet deck special liven up your happy hour on the luxury deck; and take in the views for ultimate bliss. Don’t miss the happiest hour of all on a Friday afternoon!

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