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Museu Romantic

The Museu Romantic Can Llopis is located in a 1793 building. Its name was given after its first owner, Manuel Llopis. The Llopis family has been one of the most important ones in Sitges, with wine, spirits and grapes businessmen, lawyers, historians and diplomats. The family’s last heir, Manuel Llopis Casades, donated the building to the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalonia’s independent government) to be converted into museum. The family was always keen of the Renaissance culture. In 1946 the adaption to museum began in 1949 the noble floor was open and afterwards the ground floor, winery, library and garden. From the original house, the structure and walls decoration were preserved.

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The Museum exposes the home, artwork and habits of the noble Sitgean family from the 19th century. The museum currently exposes two collections.

The romantic collection, or Coleccion de Romanticismo, contrasts with the interior design of the house. The Ground floor shows the life of the family in its rooms, with the dining room, music room, ballroom, bedrooms, closets and game rooms. Its furniture is all from the 19th century with pieces made in Paris, Murano glass and bohemian crystals. The winery, today with a reduced area, used to be one of the biggest wine producers in Sitges. The winery is underground the ground floor. The garden hosts every summer concerts organized by the Sitgestiu Cultural.

On the second floor, place where the maids and helpers lived, was installed the dolls’ collection.  The Coleccion de Muñecas de Lola Anglada, was bought in 1961 done. Lola was a writer, illustrator and painter born in Barcelona in 1862. The collection has over 400 pieces and presents different styles and varieties that represent the style of the 17th until the 19th century. The dolls were manufactured with several different materials such as wood, porcelain and Mache paper and some of them even have mechanisms to produce movements or even music.

The museum offers guided tours for a group of up to 30 people. Besides the museum tour, the city also offers guided routes for tourists. The museum is part of four routes. The Literary route, or Ruta Literaria, goes through the modernism scene that Rusiñol and Maragall shared in the late 19th century. The Americans Route, Ruta de los Americanos, shows the architecture of the Americans that emigrated to Cuba looking for wealth.  The Malavasia route shows the grape strain that was so popular on the history of the biggest wineries in Sitges.

The Museu Romantic is currently closed.


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