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Museums in Girona

Girona Museums

Girona is a city located 99km northeast of Barcelona.  The city is known as the capital of the autonomous region of the same name. The region is the main city of the Costa Brava region. Girona is a cultural rich city with a lot of stories to tell, through interesting museums for example. So come and visit Girona Museums!

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Girona History Museum

The Girona History Museum shows the evolution of the city, from the first human settlements until the transition to democracy after the dictatorship of Franco.  There are 14 rooms that are arranged in chronological order, complemented by themed rooms that show specific traditions or times of the city. The museum also has different buildings around the city, but the main one is located in the heart of the old town Girona.

Cathedral Treasury Museum

The building of this museum is placed in the religious buildings of the cathedral and the San Felix’s Basilica. It houses some important pieces of religious artwork that date from the 4th until the 16th century.  The Cathedral is still used as a place of devotion, meaning, masses are still held in the building daily and with special sessions on Sundays and holidays.

Museum of Archaeology

This museum has been around for a while as it was founded in 1846. This makes it one of the oldest museums of Catalonia. It is part of the national group of Catalan Archaeology Museums that comprises archaeological sites and exhibitions spread throughout the region. In Girona it exposes items found in the region of Girona that date from the pre-historic era until the Middle Ages.

Girona Museums

Museum of Cinema

This is a non-profit institution that is open to the public. It was open in 1998 when the city council bought the building to store Tomas Mallol’s collection of pre-cinema objects and it was the first of its kind in Spain. The building is called Casa de les Aigues, because it used to be the head of Girona’s water company. The 2,500m2 building dates back to the 19th century.

Casa Masó

Casa Masó is the former home to famous architect Rafael Masó, whom lived there from 1880 until 1935. It was one of his most important architectural works and the only one over the river Onyar opened to the public. The house can only be visited upon reservation and on guided tours.

Museum of Jewish History

This museum tells the story of Catalonia’s Jewish community in the medieval times, focused in Girona. It aims to preserve the history of the Jewish community in Catalonia, which had great part in decisions for the country. The museum has a permanent exhibition that explains the origins of Girona’s Jewish community. It does so by showing everyday objects used by the community as early as the 9th century.

Girona Museums

Art Museum

The Art Museum of Girona holds the most important collection of art pieces in the province of Girona. It is the result of a joint exhibition from pieces from the Provincial Museum of Antiques and Fine Arts and other pieces from the Diocesan Museum. It was created in 1976 after an agreement between the city council and the bishopric of Girona.

Girona is easily accessible from Barcelona by train, and it also has its own airport that facilitates its reach coming from other destinations.

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