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Fine dining in Sitges

Fine Dining in Sitges

Sitges is well known for its beaches, culture and gay community. The popular touristic resort attracts young people from all over the world especially around its festivals and events. Spanish food is very popular around the world, mainly for its finger food “tapas” and sangria. However, Spanish cuisine is much more than Jamon Iberico and tortilla de patatas. For the high number of immigrants and their influences, it is possible to find restaurants with fusions of Spanish, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine for all tastes. Sitges is no different. For the honeymooners that are looking for quality food and good ambiences, there are quite a few options for fine dining in Sitges.

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Paella is a very popular dish in Spain that was diffused in Valencia, a couple of hours away from Barcelona. Throughout the country, it is popular to have rice restaurants, specialized in rice made in the Paella pan but with different ingredients. Ricarroz is one of the rice restaurants in Sitges, but specialized in rice from around the world. Its menu has Middle Eastern, Caribbean, Asian and Mediterranean influences, ranging from black, saffron, white, coconut, wild and basmati rice. Located at Port d’Aiguadolç, the restaurant has a privileged view of the marina. Also at Port d’Aiguadolç, Suket de Peix offers the best of Mediterranean food. From the typical paellas to the grilled fish, the restaurant also offers light summer salads and the Xató, typical winter salad from Sitges’ neighbor Gavà. For the cosmopolitan admires, Komokieras offers Spanish food in a more modern and chic ambience. It’s dished presentations and its interior design makes it one of the fanciest dining places in the resort destination. Komokieras also has a terrace for the warm nights and its known for its wine cellar. If you are keen of a more natural and organic diet, Atzavara Port is the place for you.

The restaurant has its own garden where it cultivates vegetables and raises chicken and rabbit for its typical Valencian Paella, which makes its dishes subject to seasonal changes. Atzavara’s chef mixes traditional and modern techniques for a typical Spanish cuisine with a fresh twist. For a more sophisticated meal, Alenti, part of the Hotel Alenti, is a good option. Located on one of the busiest streets of the village, it offers an extensive menu with the best of fresh local ingredients. Alenti has an outdoor terrace and an indoor room for more privacy. For a more international cuisine, Alfresco offers a wide variety of spices on its dishes, from typical Mediterranean to Asian. Besides the traditional seafood, Middle Eastern starters like babaganoush and Indian mains like curry veggies with basmati rice are also available.

Only 30 kilometers away from Barcelona, Sitges is perfect for a day-trip for its easy access by train. Most of the restaurants are open for lunchtime so you can enjoy the amazing food Sitges has to offer while taking a break from the tanning sesh on the beach.

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