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The Beaches of Sitges

The Beaches of Sitges: Where to swim in the city and its surroundings

The 4 kilometers long coast of Sitges comprehends 17 beaches. Another 5 beaches are found between the city and Castelldefels. Although the beaches of Sitges are all welcoming and have a laid-back atmosphere, depending on what one looks for there are some peculiarities that are characteristic of a few ones.

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There are three gay-friendly beaches. The first one, Playa del Muerto, is a nudist beach on the further east side of the city. That beach is located at the bottom of a cliff and has somewhat agitated waters, which makes it hard to go in and come out of the sea. The second one is Playa de la Bassa Rodona, which is located in the heart of the city. The urban beach is the most popular among the gay community of the town, but lately has been attracting a high number of straights for the relaxing atmosphere. The Playa de la Balmins is the third gay-friendly beach of Sitges. It also is common for the naturist practices, and even though it used to be exclusively straight, it has become mixed due to the open-mindedness of the locals.

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Besides the two nudists beaches mentioned above, Playa D’Aiguadolç also adopts the practices. It is fifteen minutes away from Playa de la Balmins and it also welcomes all types of crowd. At all naturist beaches, nudism is not mandatory, meaning nobody will force anybody to take off their clothes, so everybody can enjoy the beach weather they’re wearing speedos or not. The most popular family beach is Playa de la Fragata. La Fragata has a small yacht club which makes a great view for walks and the sporty people who want to learn how to sailboat. Playa de Sant Sebastian is located very close to the center of the village, which makes it the most famous beach of Sitges. The 200 meters beach has its own promenade with restaurants, bars and shops that carry an exciting yet relaxing aura. The safest beach to swim with children is Playa Anquines. The man-made beach was built in the 1920’s for the enjoyment of the Hotel Terramar’s guests. Now a day the beach is public, and the two breakwaters at each end make it almost impossible for ocean swells to hit the sand.

For the ones who are not very keen of the salty water and sand, Poble Sec has a solution. The neighborhood of Sitges holds the city’s public gym, which annexes a 500 meters swimming pool. Sitges has many options of swimming spots for all kinds of taste, which makes it a great holiday destination to everybody.

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