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Villas in Barcelona

Villas in Barcelona: Luxurious way to stay

If you’d like to treat yourself with a bit of luxury on your holiday in Barcelona, then renting a villa could be a valid option for you. The following tips hope to give you all the essential information on what you need to consider when booking a villa in Barcelona.

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Checklist for Villas in Barcelona

Firstly, it is important to point out that most villas in Barcelona are located in the outskirts of the city and so you will find it hard to find anything in the very centre of the city near to Las Ramblas or Plaça Catalunya. However, the good thing is you will be in a much quieter and peaceful setting, and can be near to beautiful parks such as the iconic Park Guell. If you are planning to regularly visit the centre, then make sure you find out where the nearest transport links are. The transport system in Barcelona is very efficient and regular so it may not be as troublesome as you think. Furthermore, tickets are very cheap especially in comparison to other major European cities.

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For the villa itself, make sure you check out all the facilities before your booking, including air conditioning if you’re staying in summer, internet and kitchen facilities. There are also many villas in Barcelona with pools and terraces available. To add that true bit of luxury, a pool can be the highlight of your holiday. It can make the perfect place to relax and chill out after a long and hot day sightseeing around the city of Barcelona. A villa is the ultimate experience of a luxury holiday and provides the ideal accommodation if you want to live in style during your stay in Barcelona. If you take into account the above information then you will no doubt enjoy a fantastic holiday in your new found home. For more information or help in finding accommodation in Barcelona, visit our homepage.

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