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Useful mobile app Barcelona

Make your life easier with these useful mobile apps in Barcelona

Are you going to Barcelona and love new useful Apps on your phone? Then we have made our list of which Apps you shouldn’t miss! These Apps will help you with all; from food to guidance, meeting people, and what to do in the city. Go read about how to make your life easier with these useful mobile apps in Barcelona, and enjoy your adventure.

#1 Bida 

Barcelona is full of places that offer any kind of cocktails and drinks you want. The choice of a bar or club where you will spend your night out might be very difficult. Students will be looking at the lowest prices, tourists will head to the best-ranked venues, and locals just visit their favourite old ones. Bida is here to break that routine! This mobile app gives you one drink every 3 hours in any bar you choose from the wide list of partner bars. Type the special Barcelona Home promo code  BCNHOME18 to get your first free drink to try the app and see how much fun you can have with it. Afterward, the monthly cost of the subscription is just 29,99€ (yes, the same price you will spend for 3 cocktails in a night but with the possibility to have 8 cocktails every day!).

mobile app - Barcelona-home

Source: www.interactivedigital.com

The idea of the Drink-a-Day App comes from cities such as New York and Los Angeles and Bida is the first one in Spain. Both users and bar owners fell in love with it. Every day you can discover a new place and come back if you like it. Don’t waste your time and money, download Bida App now!

#2 Wallapop

Want to buy some second-hand clothes, vehicles, or devices, but without leaving your cozy bed? Wallapop – a virtual flea market is a solution for you. The app was invented in Barcelona (that’s why we love it even more) to encourage people to local trade and be more eco! To sell or find the product you need,  you just have to sign in with your Facebook account. The app will automatically display all the items within 2 km around you. You can filter them by category, distance, and price, or simply scroll down until you will find something you like! To purchase it, you just click o the item and you can start the conversation with the owner. The publishing process is also very easy and takes few minutes!

mobile app - Barcelona-home

Source: www.es.wallapop.com

#3 ICD Tour Guide

Do you want to see and adventure the city in a different way than with a map in your hand, then this app is the perfect choice for you! TourGuide is a mobile application where tourists can find local people willing to help discover the most interesting parts of their world. Get to see the hidden spots only locals know, and not just the biggest according to the guidebooks. This will give you a completely different view of the city, and maybe knowledge you didn’t even think about getting to know. Get to know the local’s view of the city and maybe have some good bits of advice. This is a great opportunity to meet new people, have fun and learn something new and original. Any tour will be totally different, without a certain schedule to follow. You just read about what the different locals offer – and then pick your interesting trip!

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Source: www.facebook.com/tourguideapp/

#4 Foursquare

Barcelona is full of delicious places to eat all kinds of food from all over the world. Maybe it’s hard to figure out where to go, to know if the restaurant is good or end up eating the same place as always. This App shows you the restaurants nearby you, together with ratings and comments from other visitors. In this way, you know how other people like the restaurants, and maybe get recommended which dishes are the best. In the App, you can select a lot of different things, as which meal, the price, the category, etc. You can also save a restaurant if it’s good so it’s possible to find it again, or if you walk by an interesting restaurant you can save it so you can try it another day. Besides the food, it also has a great activity list nearby you, such as events, places to go, where to go shopping and about the nightlife in the city.

mobile app - Barcelona-home

Source: www.play.google.com

#5 Meetup

Do you like meeting new people and joining social events? Then Meetup brings people together to do, explore, teach and learn the things that help them come alive. This App makes it all possible in an easy way. When you download it, you fill in all your interests, so you can see all events within these categories. They have suggestions for you for all days or otherwise, you can search the events you want by yourself. You can assign different groups, so you always get to know every time the people from your group host events. They have events and meetups in 24 categories, and there is something for all tastes. The categories are fx. Sport & Fitness, Food & Drinks or Language & Culture. Most of the events are for free, so what are you waiting for, go meet new people from all over the world.

mobile app - Barcelona-home

Source: www.meetup.com/es

#6 TMB

Barcelona can be difficult to navigate. Not only for visitors but also sometimes for locals too. This mobile app was created by “Transportes Metropolitan de Barcelona”. It offers a variety of functions and helpful information make your way around the city a little bit easier. You can purchase tickets and travel cards online, plan your journey, check out bus/train information, and much more! Lucky for us the mobile app is free and can be used on both iOS and Android. It is super popular with the locals and we highly recommend it.

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