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Get mobile in Barcelona

If you can’t seem to figure out your way home or need the fastest way to your friend’s place real quick, you should check out these two apps:

Next Bus Barcelona

Next Bus Barcelona is an app specialized in bus transportation all around Barcelona. It is a really convenient application due to its smart interface and updates. After having chosen your bus line and destination, you will see the time you’d have to wait for the next bus. The app has an well-arranged map, so you can choose your station quickly.

There’s also the possibilty to check out the bus stops surrounding you, check the way the bus takes, receive information regarding metro tickets, or add stations to your favourites.

Get mobile in Barcelona

Find your bus quickly at night (photo credit: Francesc_2000 cc)

This application is pretty handy since it focuses only on buses, which makes planning easier.

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The TMB app is Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona’s official public transport support to increase your mobility and convenience.

TMB gives you access to all of Barcelona’s metro and bus plans and schedules, besides that you can also personalize it, choosing your favourite destinations and routes to pick your next stop quickly.

Get mobile in Barcelona
Use Barcelona’s metro grid
(photo credit: Andrew E. Larsen_2000 cc)


You’ll have access to important information such as:

  • Timetable and status of the metro lines
  • Metro operating times
  • Location of metro stations on the map
  • Incident notifications


  • Locate your position on the map
  • Check for incident
  • See all stops on the journey
  • Timetables, maps, connections

Service alerts

You’ll get information an all your lines in real time:

  • For buses – Service advisory – Bus route diversion and stops affected
  • For metro – service halted – service altered: operations or stations and normal service

You can receive push messages on your phone on disruptions due to events and recommended transport if you have activated notifications.It also has a location feature where you can see where exact you are at the moment, you can find out which transport is the closest to you.

Become mobile in Barcelona!


Featured image photo credit: Tobias Mandt cc

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