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29 terrifying places around the world that will give you goosebumps!

There are many legends revolving around certain destinations in the world that are filled with mysteries and traditions from the past. These terrifying places with their horror stories and demons, great stories of massacres or simply with their spooky appearance will lift your hair up.

If you are a horror movie fanatic and the word ‘fear’ doesn’t fit in your vocabulary, we encourage you to discover the thirty most mysterious and creepy destinations of our planet. Graveyards, abandoned cities, castles and sanctuaries among many others will definitely give you goose pumps!

1. The hanging coffins of Sagada, the Philippines

The dead members of the Igorot tribe were put into coffins that hang from a cliff, for hundreds of years. It is thought that this ritual will bring the descended ones closer to their ancestors, while keeping the bodies safe in the same time.

the-hanging-coffins-of-sagada-the-philippines the-hanging-coffins-of-sagada-the-philippines2

2. Island of the dolls, Mexico

According to the tale, the caretaker of the island, Don Julián Santana, found a drowned girl from the waters circling the shore. A short while after the tragedy, he saw a doll floating in the water. He hang the doll up to the trees as a sign of respect, and to support the spirit of the young girl. He continued hanging up more dolls during 50 years, until he died in the same waters by drowning. Today the place is a tourist attraction.

island-of-the-dolls-mexico island-of-the-dolls-mexico2

3. Hashima island, Japan

This little island used to serve the public as a quarry. It was the home of thousands of people, until the mines run out of coal in 1974 and the island was abandoned rapidly. You can do a virtual walking tour around the island in the web site of Hashima Island

hashima-island-japan hashima-island-japan2

4. Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague

This cemetery is situated in Josefov and for 300 years it was the only place where it was allowed to bury Jewish people in Prague. It was established in 1439 (at least that’s what the first tombstone of Avigdor Karo says) and although it was growing over the years, it never reached its true potential. There was not enough space for all the bodies, so the corpses were buried on top of each other (even 10 bodies stacked up). Today one can see over 12.000 tombstones that mark the graves of 100.000 people.

old-jewish-cemetery-prague old-jewish-cemetery-prague2


5. Suicide forest, Japan

Aokigahara is a forest by the mountain of Fuji, where more than 500 people have killed themselves since the 1950s. The officials put up signs with messages saying “Your life is a wonderful gift from your parents” and “Please, talk to the authorities before deciding to die” in order to prevent people from committing a suicide.

suicide-forrest-japan2 suicide-forrest-japan

6. Catacombs of Paris, France

The 200 kilometer long web of tunnels under the streets of Paris contains the remains of more than 6 million bodies.

Catacumbas de París, Francia
Catacumbas de París, Francia

7. Centralia, Pennsylvania

This miner town was abandoned due to a fire in the depths of the coal mine in 1962 and still remains the same today. The inhalation of the toxic chemical carbon monoxide was the reason for the evacuation. It is estimated that the town will be combustible for another 250 years.

centralia-pennsylvania2 centralia-pennsylvania

8. Sedlec Ossuary, the Czech Republic

This creepy chapel contains the skeletons of more than 40.000 people, hanging in an artistic way to form the unique decoration. The unburied bones are arranged to represent the artwork of the cemetery.

sedlec-ossuary-the-czech-republic2 sedlec-ossuary-the-czech-republic

9. The fire mommies, the Phillipines

In order to get to the Caves of Timbak, you have to travel first 5 hours in a car towards the mountains and later walk another 5 hours to get to the stone steps that will lead you up. There, in the caves that were used as graves, you will find well preserved mommies in a fetal position in their original coffins.

the-fire-mommies-the-phillipines2 the-fire-mommies-the-phillipines

10. Sanctuary of Tophet, Tunisia

In the sanctuary we can find thousands of graves of children that date back to the Punic times of Carthage. It is believed that all of them were victims of human sacrifice during difficult times.

sanctuary-of-tophet-tunisia sanctuary-of-tophet-tunisia2

11. The abandoned city of Pripyat, Ukraine

This completely abandoned city was once home for 50.000 inhabitants. The whole area was evacuated due to the nuclear accident of Chernobyl.

the-abandoned-city-of-pripyat-ukraine the-abandoned-city-of-pripyat-ukraine2

12. Overtoun bridge, Scotland

Do not take your dog with you when you want to visit the Overtoun house in Scotland. About 600 dogs have jumped off the bridge for unknown reasons and died since the 1960s.

overtoun-bridge-scotland2 overtoun-bridge-scotland

13. Psychiatric ward in Parma, Italy

The shadow paintings that represent the tortured souls wandering in the mental hospital’s hallways, were added by an artist named Herbert Baglione.

psychiatric-ward-in-parma-italy psychiatric-ward-in-parma-italy2

14. Catacombs of the Capuchin, Palermo, Italy

Inside the catacombs there are about 8000 mummified bodies, many of which are creepily hanging from the walls. In 1920 a two-year-old girl named Rosalia Lombardo was buried here, and as you can see from the photo, her body is perfectly preserved.

catacombs-of-the-capuchin-palermo-italy catacombs-of-the-capuchin-palermo-italy2

15. San Jorge church, the Czech Republic

This church was abandoned in 1968 when the ceiling partially collapsed during a funeral ceremony. The statues representing phantoms were added later on by an artist named Jakub Hadrava, making the atmosphere of the church even scarier.

san-jorge-church-the-czech-republic san-jorge-church-the-czech-republic2

16. The abandoned metro, Cincinnati

The construction of the underground subway tunnel began in the 1920s but was never finished because of the elevated costs. You can visit the tunnels with a guided tour two times per year. Many people decide to enter and wander alone for kilometers through these abandoned tunnels.

the-abandoned-metro-cincinnati the-abandoned-metro-cincinnati2

17. Actun Tunichil Muknal cave, Belize

Inside these caves there are the remains of 14 skeletons, all of them with a fatal injury in the skull. All of them were victims of Mayan human sacrifice, and half of them being children. The most famous one is an 18-year-old girl called the maiden of Chrystal because her complete skeleton was calcified in recent years.

actun-tunichil-muknal-cave-belize actun-tunichil-muknal-cave-belize2

18. Chauchilla cemetery, Peru

The dry climate of Peru has kept the bodies of this antique cemetery very well preserved. The grave robbers spread the remains all over the place, but later on it has been restored the best way possible into its original state.

chauchilla-cemetery-peru chauchilla-cemetery-peru2

19. Military Hospital of Beelitz-Heilstätten of the Red Army, Germany

This magnificent complex has more than 60 buildings, most of which are abandoned, though some are still functioning today. The hospital has been in use since the First World War, and one of the most famous patients here was Adolf Hitler.

military-hospital-of-beelitz-heilstatten-of-the-red-army-germany military-hospital-of-beelitz-heilstatten-of-the-red-army-germany2

20. West Virginia State Penitentiary, the United States

This gothic style prison was closed in 1995. It is one of the most haunted places in the world. Hundreds of people died inside its walls, including people sentenced to death as well as normal inmates who became victims of violent conflicts among the prisoners.

west-virginia-state-penitentiary-the-united-states west-virginia-state-penitentiary-the-united-states2

21. Akodessewa Fetish market, Togo

It is the largest fetish market of the world, popular among people who practice voodoo. Fetish in this context refers to the talismans that are used to perform the acts of voodoo.  The market consists of objects like crocodile heads, hands of chimpanzees, snakes and bones.

akodessewa-fetish-market-togo akodessewa-fetish-market-togo2

22. Island of the snakes, Brazil

There are approximately 1 snake per square meter in this island, all of them golden lancehead pit vipers, which is one of the most poisonous snakes in the world. The last inhabitants of this island were the lighthouse caretaker and his family, who were eventually killed by the snakes. Today the island remains inhabited.

island-of-the-snakes-brazil island-of-the-snakes-brazil2

23. The abandoned house of the communist party, Bulgaria

The building, which has a shape of a flying saucer, is located on one of the Balkan’s most unwelcoming hills. The inscription on the door says “At your feet you inglorious comrades! At your feet, slaves of hard labor! Oppressed and humiliated, walking against the enemy!”

the-abandoned-house-of-the-communist-party-bulgaria the-abandoned-house-of-the-communist-party-bulgaria2

24. Chapel of the bones, Portugal

This frightening chapel contains the bones of 5000 monks and if this is not scary enough, it also has two bodies hanging from the ceiling. The other of these skeletons belongs to a child.

chapel-of-the-bones-portugal chapel-of-the-bones-portugal2

25. Poveglia island, Italy

Poveglia is a small island near Venice that was used as a quarantine for 160.000 people infected by the plague between the years of 1793 and 1814. Mass grave pits of the victims have been found in the area. In addition, Napoleon also used the zone as a storing place for guns. From 1922 to 1968 there was a mental hospital in the island and the legend has it, that there was a crazy doctor who used to torture and kill many patients inside of these facilities.

poveglia-island-italy poveglia-island-italy2

26. Hill of crosses, Lithuania

With about 100 000 crosses standing on the hill, the Pope declared this place for hope, peace, love and sacrifice in 1993. The meaning of the crosses is not only catholic, but also pagan. The first crosses were put up in the 14th century, and many myths revolve around them, trying to give an explanation about their origins.

hill-of-crosses-lithuania hill-of-crosses-lithuania2

27. Military Hosipital of Cambridge, England

This hospital was functioning from 1878 until 1996, until it was finally closed due to the high costs and asbestos of the walls

military-hosipital-of-cambridge-england military-hosipital-of-cambridge-england2

28. The Leap Castle, Ireland

This castle in one of the most haunted ones in the world and it has a long history of mysterious and scary deaths. One priest was murdered by his own brother during a mass in the chapel that is shown in the photo above. From that moment on, the place has been called the bloody chapel.

the-leap-castle-ireland the-leap-castle-ireland2

29. The city of the dead, Russia

Dargavs seems like a beautiful town on a hill with 100 small houses made of stone, but in the reality, these buildings are crypts filled with bones. Many of the bodies were buried with clothes on among with other personal belongings.

the-city-of-the-dead-russia the-city-of-the-dead-russia2

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