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Escape rooms in Barcelona

Escape rooms in Barcelona

Fun and innovative escape rooms in Barcelona

Do you love solving riddles and puzzles? And you’re not claustrophobic? Most of us are quite familiar with the concept of escape rooms or escape games; where you’re locked up in a room and have to find a way out. It’s a fun way to spend a night out, and maybe not something you’ve done before. In this blog we list some of the best escape rooms here in Barcelona. They’re not quite like any other escape room and are all different in their own way. We have added the difficulty level so whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you have the best chance of escaping. All of the games listed below can be played in Spanish and English and are easily accessible with public transport.

Escape rooms in Barcelona Barcelona Home

Prison Experience **-****

Prison Experience creates escape rooms in a prison-like environment. The 500m2 rooms are decorated to look like a prison, and you’ll feel like an inmate the moment the game starts. Prison experience has 3 different rooms with varying difficulties and all of them are complete with live actors. The Takeover is rather easy with its 2-star difficulty, and perfect for a first-time player. The End of the Tunnel is more difficult and is not recommended for claustrophobic people or pregnant women, as crawling through tunnels is required. The hardest escape room is The Cold Shower. Can you keep your nerves under control, cooperate as a team, and succeed in beating the prison guards.

In Prison Experience, they don’t focus on the way out, you have to complete a goal and then you’ve won. You’ll play in a team with up to 6 players and all the games last 75 minutes. Prison Experience completely immerses you in the world of a prison inmate because you’ll be wearing an orange overall. It’s small things like this that complete the experience.

Escape Rooms in Barcelona Barcelona Home


Prices range from 20-40€/person depending on the size of the team.

How to get there?

Address: Carrer Antic de Bofarull 15, 08026 Barcelona

Public transport:

  • By Metro: Clot (Line 1 and 3)
  • By Bus: Meridiana – València (Line 62, H10 and V25)
  • Train: El Clot-Arago (Line R1 and R2)Opening hours: Tuesday from Sunday: 9:45-22:45

Opening hours: Tue-Sun 09:45-23:30

Chicken Banana ***-*****

Chicken Banana also has 3 different escape rooms but with different themes. The 3 rooms are Mafia, Psychiatry and Prison. Here is an overview of Psychiatry:

As a patient in an asylum, you’ve heard many crazy rumors going around. Apparently, the psychiatrist often uses illegal methods to ‘cure’ patients. Over the time that you’ve been here, you’ve also noticed patients and staff disappearing suddenly. You decide that the time has come to get away and you and your friends must find a way out in time.

While these aren’t horror escape games, you’ll be sure to have a nerve-wracking experience. All the games are for 2-6 players and last 60 minutes, or less if you’re a good team! Both Psychiatry and Prison are recommended for ages 16+ whereas Mafia is suitable for 12+. Learn to work in a team and cooperate with your teammates. You’ll be locked in one room with your teammates, so either way, you’ll all get to know each other better. The games of Chicken Banana don’t need any specific language knowledge, however, you must be able to understand each other. Great if you have some players on your team that don’t speak English fluently.


Prices range from 20-30€/person depending on the size of the team.

How to get there?

Address: C. de Rocafort, 12, 08015 Barcelona

Public transport:

  • Metro Poble Sec; Bus D20 / NO

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-22:30

Escape Barcelona **-*****

The next game is from Escape Barcelona, the #3 escape room company in the world. They’ve gained quite some experience in escape rooms over the years, ensuring that you’ll have a great night out! They organise events with special theme, such as Resident Evil 2, which are only available for a limited time. They also offer games for groups that have more than 6 members. The Jurassic Land game is, for example, available for 10 players. Great if you don’t want to split up your group.

Escape Barcelona has 6 different escape rooms: The Lost Temple, CyberCity 2049, Tomb Hunter Akasha’s Legend, Pharoah’s Curse, Jurassic Land and Alien Origin. Furthermore, they are all located at one of 3 event venues in Barcelona so make sure to check their website before going.

In the game Tomb Hunter, you have been asked to take a look at some archaeological findings. As a specialist in archaeology, you know that these findings can make a major impact on the world of today. The title may not reveal it, but this is a thriller-themed game and not for the weak of heart, so take a look at the requirements online before you book this game.

Escape Rooms in Barcelona Barcelona Home


Prices range from 20-30€/person depending on the size of your group.

How to get there?

Address: Carrer d’en Baró, 17, 08921 Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona

Public transport:

  • By Bus: B14 B15 to Pg. Salzereda – Lluís Companys station

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00-22:00

Escape Hunt **-*****

Lastly, one that absolutely had to make the list. Escape Hunt is an international company renowned for their brilliant escape rooms. The Barcelona branch offers 3 different themes rooms, the most popular being The Mystery of Gaudí. Based on true stories from Barcelona, you have to discover the truth about Gaudi’s death. In 1926, GAUDI is found dead on the streets. However, no one recognized him and he was mistaken for a simple beggar. By the time that they were able to identify him, all medical aids came too late. Was this just a simple case with a mistaken identity or is there something larger at play? The best part about Escape Hunt is that it is available for a younger public, 7 years and up, and accessible for wheelchairs. The perfect activity for a family night.

Escape Rooms in Barcelona Barcelona Home


Prices range from 20-25€/person depending on the size of the group. All tickets include a free drink!

How to get there?

Adress: C. Nàpols, 255 bis, 08025 – Barcelona

Public transport:

  • Metro: L5 and L2 Sagrada Familia and L5 and L4 Verdaguer / 2 min. walk from Sagrada Familia.

Opening hours: Sun-Thu: 10h-20h30 Fri and Sat: 10h-22h


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