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Sarria in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

Sarria in Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, Barcelona

Sarría is a neighborhood within the Sarrià Sant-Gervasi district and one of the most prosperous areas of Barcelona. It has a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere with many open spaces, lots of beautiful old buildings and traditional shops.

Sarría was one of the last towns to become a part of the city of Barcelona and it never quite lost that independent feel after it was incorporated. There are many shops dating back to the 19th century, and you will find several examples of traditional architecture mixed with modernist creations, which give the neighborhood a truly unique character.

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What to see in Sarría

Due to its proximity to the mountains of the Collserola, Sarría was once used by Barcelona´s aristocracy to shelter themselves from the epidemics during the 18th and 19th centuries. This is the time during which the Catalan bourgeoisie began to take over this area. Gradually, the town became one of their favorite places to spend summers, which explains the considerable number of towers and manor houses still standing here. La Calle Mayor is the hub of this neighborhood and a perfect starting point to discover those streets and stately houses. Another place very popular among both tourists and locals is the Plaza de Sarría. In this emblematic square, you will see Casa Can Llança and Església de Sant Vicenç (Iglesia de San Vicente), constructed in the neoclassic style in 1781 by the architect Josep Mas. Both the façade and the interior of the church represent a wonderful work that you cannot miss.

In the neighborhood of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, other sights include the amusement park up on Tibidabo mountain and the extremely fun and interactive science museum called CosmoCaixa. Sarría offers a peaceful break from the noisy city centre; it feels as though you are in a traditional Catalan village without ever having left the city. The neighborhood is unlike Ciutat Vella, L’Eixample and other areas packed with tourist attractions. However, what you can see here won’t let you down either. The lively ambience and majestic buildings symbolize a rich history, an elegant past.

Where to eat in Sarría

This area is great for food lovers. The neighborhood´s market maintains most of its original features and has a charming atmosphere. It is where locals gather to mingle and to do their weekly food-shopping. Several exclusive Mediterranean restaurants with high quality food are located in this neighborhood. For instance, Antigua, a very successful restaurant focusing on excellent service and creative, refined cuisine presented in an exquisite way. As implied by its name, the decoration of the restaurant features a number of ancient pieces. You also cannot go wrong by choosing Tram Tram. Chefs Isidro and Reyes run this warm family restaurant in a big house with a courtyard and rooms equipped cozy lounges. A Mediterranean aroma is the essence of the menu. Smoked eggplant, creamy rice and an abundant choice of wines will appease your hunger on a weekend night. Restaurant Roma has served amazing food in this area for many years. Its name might confuse you about the culinary style, but it is actually an authentic Mediterranean restaurant, especially suitable for family reunions, romantic dates or business meetings. The price may not be the lowest, but the quality is truly the best. Their Timbal suckling pig, goat cheese salad, artichoke cream and ravioli are highly recommended. If you feel like experiencing some exotic flavors from Far East, Delhi Darbar will satisfy your cravings. Tasting one of their delicious dishes is like going on a backpacking trip through India. You´ll love it! There are also many patisseries, one of the best being Foix patisserie on Plaça de Sarrià. The square is famous for its antique and craft market on Tuesday mornings, Sunday morning dances called sardana, and Christmas markets. There is also the Chocolate Factory located on Carrer Major de Sarrià to tempt you with all kinds of delectable delights. If you are in the mood to cook at home, one of the oldest markets of the neighborhood, Mercat Sarría is a great place to buy the ingredients you will need. Its beautiful exterior and plentiful interior will definitely catch your eye. You will never go hungry walking around Sarría, Barcelona!

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Transport to Sarria Barcelona

FGC: L6 (metro station Sarrià, Reina Elisenda)

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