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Rent a secured parking in Barcelona

Barcelona Home is proud to announce its new and exclusive service: a secured parking in Barcelona for rent. As you might now, leaving your car outside at night in Barcelona is not really safe especially if you are a foreigner with a non-Spanish license plate. Several theft are reported every week and vandalism is quite common. In the same time most parking areas are rather far from the city and often not really accessible. Today we can offer a secured parking in one of the most central place of Barcelona.

Price for car

24,00€ / night : for daily rentals

Price for motorbike

18,15€ / night : for daily rentals

Where is it?

In the middle of the Rambla, next to the metro Liceu and the most touristic places so that you can enjoy the city at the minute you leave your car. It will also ease your stay since you’ll have a lot less trouble to move around with your luggage. La Rambla is the longest avenue in Barcelona, it rallies plaza Catalunya to Ciutat Vella (old harbour). With its strategic position, the boulevard is one of  the most famous location of the city.

You said secured?

This private parking in Ramblas is on underground, you can only access it thanks to a card and it has a 24h surveillance camera service. There is only one card to access is yours and you need to give a 40€ deposit to cover its replacement if you loose it.

secured parking

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