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Rent a Scooter in Barcelona

Learn about one of the best services to rent a scooter in Barcelona with us right here!

The easiest and fastest way of getting around Barcelona is certainly going by a “moto” or a scooter. One advantage of the service to rent a scooter in Barcelona is that this kind of vehicle can always find a quick way to more around, even if there is dense traffic. Another one is that there’s hardly any expenditure on petrol. The greatest benefit, however, is that you can park pretty much everywhere so you can explore the city easily.

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Certainly, the option of renting a scooter is a popular one; for instance, with the kind of tourists that aim to visit as much of Barcelona in the quickest and practical way possible. But also, those who want to save time and energy from the constant travel. Subsequently, the scooters are one of the most used methods of easy transports in Barcelona; in the way that they are much practical to drive around in narrow roads and reduces the level of congestion in the city.

As a tourist you can easily rent a scooter

For a scooter with a 50 cc engine you need to have a car driver’s license and be at least 18 years old. For scooters with a 125 cc engine you need to have had a car driver’s license for more than 3 years and be at least 21 years old. The great thing about Spain is that you don’t have to get an extra motorcycle license for driving the larger 125 cc engines! With the smaller engine (50 cc) you can go up to 60 km/h. With the larger one (125 cc) up to 110 km/h.

Rent a Scooter in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

The longer the period of time for which you rent the scooter, the cheaper the price per day. We strongly recommend the long-term rental shop of Cooltra where you can rent a scooter (125 cc) for 120-190 euros a month. This is an incredible price and if you need a scooter for a week, this special offer definitely makes sense economically wise. Cooltra has designed a product with which you can have a motorcycle; and use it as if it were your own vehicle, by hiring your scooter only for as long as you need it!

Riding a scooter allows you the perfect tour for sightseeing in the city of Barcelona; and is the coolest way to meet other people that share your passion to visit new places on wheels!

Safety first: Remember never to drive without a helmet or if you have been drinking alcohol! You will not only receive an extremely high penalty, you will put your life at risk at the same time. Always pay attention to your rear view mirror, check that your breaks are function right and drive carefully.

Rent a Scooter in Barcelona Barcelona-Home

Rent a scooter in Barcelona feel free as a bird to explore and tour all around the city! Renting a vehicle has become a fast and painless way to commute through major cities such as Barcelona; and people especially look for the best motorized scooter when arriving in a new place for the first time. This way of traveling takes the easy speed of on-wheels traveling without the immense problem of finding a parking space.

The following companies are suitable for scooter rental:
  • Cooltra: Best service, ask for students discount; easy to find in the city center.
  • Mondo Rent: Good prices, quality service and the best experiences.

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