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Safety in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Safety in Barcelona – Which barrio is right for you?

Safety in Barcelona – Which barrio is right for you?

There are lots of often visited places in the city of Barcelona. Of course, just like everywhere, not every one of them is safe. Take a look how to be safe in Barcelona. Our guide will give you advice to keep safety in Barcelona.

When traveling, one of the main concerns is safety. Knowing whether there are certain parts of town to avoid can affect your holiday quite a bit. When it comes to renting a flat in Barcelona it is always good to know that you have selected a neighbourhood where you will feel comfortable and right at home. Barcelona is one of the top destination for tourists form all over the world!

Safety in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

The high number of tourist, students and young professionals that populate the city give it a secure feel. The police is very present due the increase in tourism heightening the cities overall security. Still each part of town has its very own characteristics. Here is a little description of the most popular parts of town and what to expect from each barrio!

El Born

Safety in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

The Born is one of the barrios that make up the Ciutat Vella known as the old part of town. Considered to be one of the central parts of town this area gets very  busy during the summer months. With lots of bars, restaurants and shops there is always something to do. The small streets full of charm will undoubtedly enchant you. Although very safe, like all tourist destinations one should always be aware of pickpockets.  Even if it is not always the quietest part of town at night, our flats for rent in El Born are all located in small streets that are not overwhelmed with noise. Renting an apartment in El Born is truly the ideal way to take in the true essence of Barcelona.

El Gótico

Safety in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

El Gotico is also part of the CiutatVella. Its small paved streets attract many travelers who are eager to discover sights like the Cathedral and Placa Reial. El Gotico is one of the most popular parts of town as it boasts lots of gorgeous sights, streets, clubs, bars and quaint restaurants. The high activity of this part of town makes it a very safe place to be. The only thing to be on the lookout for is pickpockets, much like in other touristic cities. Other than that, renting a flat in the Gotico means staying in a fun lively part of town where you can easily access the night life and the cultural sights.

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El Raval

Safety in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

The Raval used to have a bad reputation due to the fact that it was the hub of many immigrated populations. In the recent years, this area of town has undergone a real transformation. Cute boutiques, restaurants and vintage stores have been turning this barrio into a hip area for the young. Like any city it is advised to remain cautious when late at night, but the Raval is a lively part of town with lots to do and see.  You can find some of the best restaurants and most popular bars in this part as well as the beautiful Ramblas del Raval making it the ideal part of town to rent an apartment!

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Safety in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

This part of town is a little more residential. Thus, it is quieter than certain parts of the old city. Therefore, this is a better choice for families with children. It is very well connected to the rest of town and has many sight to see. The fancier areas such as Passeig de Gracia is extremely safe due to it being a well frequented part of town. You will find lots of beautiful restaurants and upper scale stores to shop in. There is also a very nice selection of bars and luxury clubs. With wide choice of flats to rent in Gracia you will surely find something that suites all your needs!

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Safety in Barcelona - Barcelona Home

Although more residential areas have many must- see sights like the Museau National d’Art de Catalunya. In this part of town we also offer bigger villas for larger groups or families. It is very well connected and is a typical and safe area of town where lots of locals live. To rent an accommodation in Sants-Montjuic means to stay in a calm yet charming and well connected part of town. Ideal for your stay in Barcelona!

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