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Top Latin American Restaurants in Barcelona

Top Latin American Restaurants in Barcelona

It is perhaps unnecessary to describe the deep connections that Latin American culture has with Spanish traditions. Due to this very close relationship, it is quite easy to find a huge variety of authentic Latin American restaurants in Barcelona. Let’s take a look at some of them and learn more about the gastronomic culture of this continent.

CUBA – Aché pa ti


Aché pa ti is a term specifically used in Cuba to mean “Good luck to you”. But the success of this wonderful restaurant had nothing to do with luck. Aché pa ti specializes in authentic Cuban food, such as moros y cristianos (Cuban rice with beans), ropa vieja (literally translated “old clothes”, consisting of stewed beef with vegetables), tostones (from the verb “toast”, twice fried plantains) and picadillo habanero (original from La Habana, a mix of meat, potato and vegetables). All of their homemade dishes are worth a try. To pay a tribute to Peruvian cuisine, Aché pa ti also offers some typical Peruvian dishes, such as cebiche (made from raw fish cured in lemon or lime juices) and el ají de pollo (chili chicken). Located in the Sagrada Familia neighborhood, this is a great place to enjoy an exotic meal after a grand tour of Gaudí’s famous work of art

Address: C/ Castillejos, 208 

Photo Credit: facebook.com/AchePati

ECUADOR – El Ñaño Bellaterra


Finding a good Ecudorian restaurant in Barcelona is not always easy, but El Ñaño Bellaterra is definitely worth more than one visit. For very wallet-friendly price you will get a whole course in Ecuadorian cuisine, from their tamales (a steamed starchy dough wrapped into a corn husk or banana leaf), encebollados (national fish soup), fritadas (fried pork), patacones (fried plantain slices) and cangrejadas (crab). Situated in the same peaceful neighborhood as Aché pa ti, El Ñaño Bellaterra is a great restaurant when you´re looking for something close to your Sagrada Familia accommodation.

Address: C/ Padilla, 177

ARGENTINA – Gaucho’s


As one of the number one producers of beef in the world, Argentina is a country in which meat never seems to be in short supply. Beef plays a leading role in Argentine culinary tradition and history. Visit Gaucho’s for an authentic meaty experience, with empanadas and chorizos to share with friends, and plenty of juicy steaks to pig out on afterwards. The restaurant has a nice selection of Argentine wines, out of which the famous Malbec pairs best with beef. Taste some dulce de leche, a common spread on Argentine deserts. Let the thick, caramel flavor sweeten up your dining experience. Gaucho´s is located in the elegant Eixample neighborhood, near many of our Eixample accommodations.

Address: C/ Aragó, 235

Photo Credit: facebook /GauchoS-Restaurante-Argentino

MEXICO – El Mexicano de Barcelona


There are countless Mexican restaurants in Barcelona, but El Mexicano de Barcelona is no doubt one of the most popular. The Mexican native chef creates high quality food with guaranteed authenticity. Fajitas, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, tacos and guacamoles – you will find all the classics at El Mexicano, and the tastes will still dazzle you and your friends. The menu also includes typical Mexican desserts, such as Pastel de queso (cheese cake) and Pastel de elote. Don’t miss the chance to try something new!

Address: C/ Villarroel, 233

Photo Credit: facebook/elmexicanodebarcelona

You should also keep in mind Rosa del Raval, known for its delicious margaritas!

COLOMBIA – La Fonda Paisa


La Fonda Paisa is probably one of the best representations of Colombian cuisine in Barcelona. Their specialty is Colombia´s national dish, la bandeja paisa, a very hearty plate of red beans cooked with pork, white rice, ground meat, chicharrón, fried egg, sweet plantain, some chorizo sausage, hogao sauce, blood sausage, avocado and lemon. They also offer sancocho, a soup with large pieces of meat, tubers and vegetables served in a broth, and Ajico, a soup made of chicken and potatoes. And don’t forget about their huge range of Arepas and Chuzos. At La Fonda Paisa all the food is traditional, home-made and very delicious. The plates are rich and come in huge portions, so make sure to come with an appetite…or a friend!

Address: C/ Rosselló, 449 Av. Diagonal, 332 

VENEZUELA – El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana


Grandma´s cooking is always the best and most memorable. And Venezuela is, of course, no exception to this rule. El Rincón de la Abuela Venezolana offers authentic, home-cooked Venezuelan food based on the owner´s grandmother´s recipes and secrets. One of their most popular specialties is their selection of arepas, which consist of two pieces of fluffy bread with dough made of corn flour, stuffed with exciting ingredients such as cheese, avocado or meat. The Pabellón criollo is an unmissable national dish, which consists of rice, stewed beef and stewed black beans.

Address: C/ Mallorca, 470

Photo Credit: facebook /ElRincondelaAbuelaVenezolana

BRAZIL – Cantinho Brasileiro

Are you in the mood to try out a new restaurant? The type of small, not-so-well-known eatery full of charm and a passion to feed its guests with authentic food? Then we have the right place for you! Eating at pint-sized Cantinho Brasileiro will make you feel right at home. It´s a great perfect place to grab some delicious Brazilian snacks. The acarajé, deep-fried peeled beans made into a ball, is always the top choice on the billboard. Feijoada (a stew of beans with beef and pork) and Moqueca (coconut milk stewed fish) are also real deals you just don’t want to skip. Finally, the imported Brazilian beers and homemade caipirinhas make the atmosphere here even better.

Cantinho Brasileiro is located near many of our Barrio Gótico accommodations.

Address: C/ Ample, 43

Featured Image Credit: facebook /ElRincondelaAbuelaVenezolana

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