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Affordable accommodation in Barcelona

Affordable accommodation in Barcelona

You’ve booked some cheap flights for a weekend break in Barcelona and now you want to keep the momentum going by finding yourself some cheap accommodation in Barcelona to match. Here’s a quick guide to all that there is on offer and some useful tips to keep costs down when staying in Barcelona.

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Types of accommodation in Barcelona

Hostels are obviously very cheap and you can find some real bargains out there. They offer a variety of facilities including free breakfast, linen and towels, internet and more. They are also great for meeting people, however, they can lack privacy and you may not get a good night sleep depending on how many people you are sharing a dorm with.

Camping could be an option if you want to get in touch with nature, camping is also a cheap option. Although most campsites are located outside of the city, some offer free shuttle buses. If you want to stay in Barcelona and have quick access to all the sights, then camping probably isn’t your best bet.

Apartments are a cheaper alternative to hotels and offer more privacy. You can also further save money by cooking your own meals and trying out some traditional Spanish recipes for yourself. Apartments can be a great option as you can experience for yourself just how great living in Barcelona is and save money at the same time.

Room in a shared apartment is a good alternative to these if you want something cheaper than an apartment but a step up from a hostel then renting a room in a shared apartment is a perfect option. It is a great opportunity to meet people and have your own private space to relax in.


Cheap room for rent in Barcelona

From 337€ / MONTH





Staying in the very centre of Barcelona in areas such as Las Ramblas or the Gothic Quarter in Ciutat Vella can be expensive. If you get lucky, there are some bargains to be had, but it may be cheaper to look elsewhere at areas outside of the centre such as Les Corts, Sants or Badalona. These areas can be not only cheaper but also allow you to explore a lot more of the city other than just the centre.

Other useful money-saving tips 

So once you’ve got your cheap accommodation booked, here are a few extra handy tips to help you stick to your budget and still enjoy to the full extent all that Barcelona has to offer. You don’t need to spend a fortune on seeing the main sights. Most of the main attractions are free including Las Ramblas, Plaça Catalunya, Parc de la Cuitadella, and Sants-Montjuic. Also some museums are free to enter the first Sunday of each month including the Picasso museum. In the summer months there are also many free festivals which are not to be missed including the spectacular Gracía Festival. You do not have to blow your budget when finding an accommodation in Barcelona, if you’re looking for cheap and low-cost accommodation then it is surprisingly easy to find. For help in finding low cost accommodation, visit our homepage.

Spacious single room close to the Sagrada Familia

From 415€ / MONTH

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