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swedish design in Barcelona

Swedish design in Barcelona

Ikea is a very well-known Swedish chain store offering stylish furniture and variety of accessories for homes. Quality of products is quite high while the prices are relatively low. If you would like to renew your home, Ikea, especially Ikea in Barcelona, is a perfect place to visit, as occasionally they have some good-value offers on various different products.


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There are two Ikea shops here in Barcelona, and both of them are outside the city centre of Barcelona. The first one, Ikea L’Hospitalet, is located approximately 15 minutes south of central Barcelona. If you go by public transport the most convenient way is to go with line C1 or C2 from Plaza Espanya. You should get off at a stop called, Bellvitge. The store is 7-10min away from the station. If you prefer buses you can easily get there by a number of buses which go from Plaza Espanya – 65, 79, 105, L70, L72, L80, L82 and Plaza Catalunya – L95.

Ikea Badalona is in the north of the city centre. The fastest way to get there is to go by metro to lines L1 and L4, stops Fonto or Pep Venture, depending on which line you are travelling with. Bus service operates as well. Buses stop close by on the main street, so there is no chance not to notice the store. Buses you can take are following: B19, B22, B23, B29.

No matter how far it is, Ikea is worth a visit! Enjoy the Swedish culture!


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