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Primavera Sound Festival

Primavera Sound Festival Barcelona

The Primavera Sound Festival of 2014 will this year be held from the 28th to the 31st of May at Parc del Forum in Barcelona. Yet again another perfect opportunity for the festival lovers among us! You really should not miss this internationally considered unmissable event.

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What is Primavera Sound?

Primavera Sound is a music festival that has been taken place in Barcelona since 2001. You can enjoy live-music in the form of concerts distributed on 8 stages at this amazing urban festival. The genres of music this festival offers are pop, rock, and underground tendencies of dance music. Bands like Bon Iver, Pixies, Neil Young, Pet Shop Boys, My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, Death Cab For Cutie, The White Stripes, Sonic Youth, Franz Ferdinand, and many more have been performing at this festival throughout the past years.

The festival concentrates on uniting the latest musical proposals from the independent scene with already well-established artists. Primavera stands out from other music festival because since it has its own unique concept, and from the start of the festival they stuck to this concept. Many people love this festival, since Primavera sound keeps their old promises and does not resort to more commercial bands.

Other Primavera Sound Activities


    • Record fairThe record fair is a fair also held in Parc del Forum. National and international independent labels can meet here to show their products to the public of the festival.


    • FlatstockFlatstock is one of the most important exhibitions of its kind to attend in Europe. Flatstock is a touring show of concert posters by plastic artists and will take place together with the record fair, at Parc del Forum.


    • MinimúsicaThis is a children’s activity in which children will be able to integrate into the musical offer of the festival. Minimúsica is an interactive performance; children will have the possibility to participate. It consists of some concerts where the artists adapt their repertoire for a family audience.


    • PrimaveraProProfessionals of Primavera Sound’s music industry will have the possibility to meet here and widen their network. It is seen as a strategic point of cultural exchange between countries in Europe, North America, and Latin-America.

Aside from these activities, there will be lots of musical and cultural activities around the parks of Barcelona suitable for families. This year, Parc de la Ciutadella will host Primavera’s Aperitifs, and this will take place during daytime, free of charge.

Primavera a la ciutat

Primavera a la ciutat (Primavera in the city) is a concept in which Primavera tries to bring the music and the spirit of the festival closer to all audiences. The headquarters of Primavera a la ciutat will be at Parc del Forum, and at the opening, on the 28th of May, several big scale concerts will be given free of charge! A perfect opportunity for the ones that need to save some money for the summer but still want to enjoy some of the Primavera Sound Festival.   Primavera als Bars is part of Primavera a la ciutat, and national and international artists will be asked to play live-music in bars throughout the city.  Secondly, there is Primavera als Clubs, and several concerts during the days leading up to the main event at Parc del Forum will be hosted at different venues in Barcelona. Lastly, In-Edit, the festival of musical documentaries, will be present to offer the public the possibility to enjoy music from a cinema perspective by showing documentaries about music. Feel free to contact Barcelona-Home to find an accomodation.

Practical Information


Find more information about the artists performing at the festival and the program per day.


Full festival ticket: €195

VIP-ticket: €250

Day tickets: €60 if you buy them until the 6th of May, after this they will cost €90

For more information about tickets, check the official website.


Parc del Fòrum, Barcelona, Spain.


Bus: Lines 43, 7, 36,141, 41 and night buses  N6 and N7

Metro: Line 4, El Maresme-Fòrum Station (Exit Rambla Prim). The festival site (Parc del Fòrum) is 150 meters away from the metro station

Tram: Trambesós (Line T4)


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